Devil’s Punchbowl — An American Concentration Camp So Horrific It was Erased from History

This is before the Nazi Concentration camps, America tries it’s best to cover up their racist history against Blacks because it wants to be thought of as the beacon of Democracy when it’s anything but democratic. It’s white supremacist to the core. It’s always been like this to this very day.

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There is a closely guarded secret that has been deliberately buried by mainstream media and historians: After the Civil War (and during the war), millions of freed Black people were funneled into concentration camps in America and killed through forced starvation, and other means.

Many of these locations were called “contraband camps”, and they were hastily built internment camps that were generally in proximity to Union army camps.

One gruesome camp, in particular, was located in Natchez, Ms. The Devil’s Punchbowl is a place located in Natchez, where during the Civil War, authorities forced tens of thousands of freed slaves to live in these American death camps. Researcher Paula Westbrook said, “The union army did not allow them to remove the bodies from the camp. They just gave ’em shovels and said bury ’em where they drop.”

“When the slaves were released from the plantations during the occupation they overran…

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Anthony Sowell- The Imperial Avenue Murders: Part One

Warning: This and other consequent post contain adult and sensitive material that may be offensive to some readers.

This blog post is about a little known serial killer who stalked, abduct, drugged, and murder 11 Black women and raped and assaulted several others during a two-year period, beginning in 2007 and ended in late 2009 when the bodies were discovered inside his house in the Mount Pleasant neighborhood of Cleveland, Ohio.

The story unfolded when on October 27, 2009, Cleveland Police went over to Mr. Sowell’s home with a warrant for a rape that occurred last month. Instead of finding him home, the officers were hit by a stench of dead bodies inside. So pungent was the smell that they had to call more reinforcements to search the home for bodies. Within a week, they unearthed 10 bodies and one skull, all Black women and in various states of decomposition. Also, they find clothes, contents, personal items of the deceased victims as well as the surviving ones who left the house.

While searching the house for dead bodies and evidence, Cleveland police were on a manhunt for the person of interest. They searched the Mount Pleasant neighborhood and other neighboring areas for Mr. Sowell.

On October 31, 2009, Anthony Sowell was arrested. Within days, families and loved ones with missing women came to the neighborhood surrounding the condemned house looking for missing women who were found dead at his home. They want closure and answers as to why their loved ones never came home. Some were missing for days. Others, for several years. On November, Tonia Carmichael was the first to be identified through dental records. Many of the bodies were so decomposed that dental and DNA had to be supplied in order to identify the bodies.

After the bodies were recovered and identified, the Black community in Cleveland were rightfully outraged at the lack of attention toward missing and murdered Black women in the city. The leaders, organizers as well as the victims’ families felt that the police didn’t do enough to search missing Black women, to alert residents of Mt. Pleasant of a decaying smell that last a couple years, as well as not assisting rape victims properly. For example, when the family of Tonia Carmichael report her missing, the workers at the police princinct dismiss her family’s concern by telling them that “she’ll be back when the drugs run out.”.

That dismissal of victims’ family’s missing mother is insensitive and it shows how society, the police, and media place very little value on poor Black women of Cleveland’s lives. The people of Cleveland had enough of societal neglect and they organized by fighting back against the insensitivity of law enforcement, property owners, media, government toward the majority Black, Brown, poor, and working class citizens of Cleveland. I feel those women and their families deserved better. As a matter of fact, at least eight of the 11 victims’ families sued the city and received a small amount of money from the lawsuit.

The white beauty ideal as science

White beauty as science is a delusion by some white men to prove that Blacks are “ugly” and deserved inferior treatment than whites.

White bigots and racists used science as a way to subjugate Black people around the world and frankly I’m tired of those people wanting to justify their oppression against us.


Scientific proof that white people are the most beautiful!

The following is based mainly on the chapter of the same name in “The History of White People” (2011) by Nell Irvin Painter:

In the 1700s and early 1800s Western scientists and scholars believed that universal beauty could be discovered and measured. And if beauty could be measured, then the races of man could be – and were – ranked by beauty, with whites closest to the gods and blacks the closest to monkeys.

Here is one well-known ranking, that of Petrus Camper in the 1770s, along with the numbers:

  • 100 Greek gods
  • 80 Europeans
  • 70 Kalmucks (East Asians)
  • 70 Negroes
  • 58 chimpanzees, orangutans

The numbers come from measuring the face in a certain way that puts the statues of Greek gods at the top and puts chimps and orangutans at the bottom.

Some saw in this polygenesis:…

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The Taco Bell Strangler- Part Two

For the previous post, go to: Taco Bell Strangler, Part One

In 1985, he married his high school sweetheart, Maretta Brabaum. He adopted his wife’s child from a previous relationship and he wanted to increase his family by having a child of his own. His wife didn’t want anymore children. That left him frustrated and he started to use drugs at the time.

During his time in the Navy, he started to use drugs, robbing businesses to support his habit. At that time, he was given an honorable discharge after several years of service as a seaman in the Navy. He was served with several arrest warrants yet he never showed up in court nor did the Seattle area police pursued him.

Tashanda Bethea 1972-1990, first victim

At this time, around 1989, tired of being ignored by his wife, he started looking for love outside of his failing marriage by turning his attention to younger women and teenaged girls. One of them was a Barnwell High School student named Tashanda Bethea. Miss. Bethea was a senior whom Mr. Wallace had a crush on. He tried to win her love through picking her up, bringing her lunches and gifts. Miss Bethea, on the other hand, sees him as just a trusting friend because her mother knew him through his mother, for they both worked at the same textile factory for years. She resisted his sexual advances, which he became very frustrated.

On March 8, 1990, he murdered Tashanda Bethea. He then dumped her body in a lake in his hometown. It was not until several weeks later that her body was discovered. Her body was discovered by a couple of fishermen on April 1,1990. She was identified and that her cause of death was strangulation and drowning. Wallace was questioned by Barnwell police regarding Miss Bethea’s disappearance and death, but was never formally charged in her murder. 

He was also questioned in connection with the attempted rape of a then-16-year-old Barnwell girl named Eartha Brown, whom he abducted soon after Tashanda Bethea’s murder. He was never charged for that crime either. To this day, Ms. Brown is still seeking justice. By that time, he was completely estranged from Maretta. Soon later, he was fired from his job as Chemical Operator for Sandoz Chemical Co. due to his poor performance and frequent absenteeism.

In February 1991, he broke into his old high school and the radio station where he once worked. He stole video and recording equipment and was caught trying to pawn them.

Former Eastland Mall, East Charlotte, North Carolina. Closed in 2010, now demolished.

In November 1991, he relocated to Charlotte, North Carolina.[2] He found jobs at several fast-food restaurants in East Charlotte. It was there he met and dated several women including Sadie McKnight, the mother of his daughter, among many others. He worked with Berness Lamar Woods and Brandi Henderson at the Golden Corral near the now defunct Eastland Mall. He and Berness were fast friends who worked and played together at gatherings. Wallace betrayed his trust, which is discussed later in the series.

Oprah’s interview of Harry and Meghan

See. The royal family isn’t that tolerant of anyone different from them. Look at how they treated Princess Diana and Sarah Ferguson. Duchess Meghan’s treatment is far worse than the aforementioned women because she’s a woman of Color.


Oprah’s interview of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle (February 2021) appeared on US television on Sunday night, March 7th, and on UK television the following night. It should be required viewing for the 2 billion who saw their storybook wedding in 2018. As with all true fairy tales, this one has a dark side.

The Little Mermaid: Meghan Markle compares herself to the Little Mermaid: she lost her voice to marry her prince – but then, with this interview, got it back.

When she married her prince they took her passport, her driver’s licence and her car keys. She was a prisoner. Trapped. So was the prince himself.

The British press they expected to be savage, racist even, but they also expected the Firm (the British Royal Family as a business) to stand up for them, as they have for other relatives. They did not.

Comparing avocados with avocados: The…

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White Men and Their Dating/Marriage/Mating Privilege

White men do have strong preference for White women, both for long term relationships and wives. They are in denial about their racial preference in women. When pressed, some get defensive over this question. The chalk it up as “preference” instead of taking to task the entrenched racial biases that extends to the affairs of the heart.

In 2021 America, it’s not acceptable at all for a white man to marry a woman of color(Black, Asian, Latina, Indian, Arab, Mixed race, Native American, Jewish, Pacific Island) because of the entrenched racism, classism, and sexism in America society. Yet they used them as prostitutes, mistresses, fetishes, concubines, etc. throughout history of this country and the world.

The vast majority of White men in America still envision the ideal American family:

As opposed to:

In the upcoming book, The Dating Divide, authors Celeste Vaughn Curington, Jennifer Lundquist, Ken-Hou-Lin contend with facts and anecdotal information from men and women around the country, Whites enjoy dating/mating/marriage privileges. They are still at the top of the food chain when it comes to dating and marriage despite the inroads by various groups of people of Color and immigrants. The influence of feminism, Civil Rights, Black liberation, the LGBTQ, etc., didn’t damper the enduring White dominance in romantic/mating politics.

For those who say that the personal isn’t political, it’s not true. We don’t live our lives apart from socio-economic and political influences. Our American history has proven otherwise. Slavery, Manifest Destiny, Settlement nation ideology, The removal and destruction of Native Americans, Redlining, Black Codes, Jim Crow, segregation, feminism, Civil Rights, Immigration policies, Citizenship rules, social justice movements are just a list of events and ideas that shape how we view one another in intimate relationships.

The social obligation of the Brazilian man | Black Women of Brazil

To the white men who told me that they “prefer” white women

Addendum to the white men

Another perspective:

I’m going have to say yes and no. Yes, in terms of marriage and no, in terms of short/long term relationships and temporary marriages. Historically, White men have the pick of any woman as long as they don’t publicize to the point of marrying and having a legitimate family. The ideal wife, then and now, is still White women despite the increase of interracial marriage. There are many exceptions to this rule as evidenced by the examples I posted:

A masculine status: The social obligation of the Brazilian man to show off a white wife with whom to start a family

Also, check out this dissertation regarding White men and Women of Color “relationships” in antebellum America:

White Men, Non-White Women, and Sexual Crisis in Antebellum America

Also read Relics of Slavery at:
“The Relics of Slavery” Interracial Sex and Manumission in the American South

Other Reading materials:


Marriage ‘à la façon du pays’


Casta Paintings: Historically, most interracial relationships were between Women of Color and White men:

Interracial relationships/marriage in then- British Colony of India before 1850s:

Recent times:

Celebrities and others:

Desptite the evidence shown above, even in the most diverse multicultural and multiracial country on the planet that is the USA, over 93% of white men marry non Hispanic white women.

Taco Bell Strangler: 27 years later

The Taco Bell Strangler – 27 years later.

Henry Louis Wallace Murder Case- 27 Years Later

The Taco Bell Strangler is still in prison awaiting death 24 years later while families and friends are languishing in despair and anguished. There are only two TV documentaries and no books dealing with the killer who murdered 11 young Black women in the early 1990s and of the lack of attention from the media, police, and society at large.

This was originally posted on my original blog, Journal de la Reyna in 2014

Henry Louis Wallace Serial Murder Case- 27 Years Later

Some of the victims of Henry Louis Wallace, Shawna Denise Hawk and Betty Jean(Susie) Baucum

It has been 20 years ago today that I first heard about a serial killer killing beautiful young Black and Biracial women in Charlotte.  I was only 22 years old in 1994.  I was horrified that someone went around the neighborhood slaughtering women at their prime.  Those women didn’t get a chance to see their future. No college graduations(although Valencia M. Jumper was given a posthumous degree from Johnson C. Smith University in Charlotte), mo weddings(several of the victims were engaged). No chance to see their children grow up, graduate, have careers, get married and have children of their own. That wicked, evil man senselessly took their lives between 1990 and 1994.  His name is Henry Louis Wallace.
Henry L. Wallace was born in Barnwell, S.C. in November 1965.  He was raised by his mother and never met his father who was a schoolteacher who died a long time ago.  His childhood was marked with great unhappiness and abuse, with much of the abuse came from his mother.  Despite his woeful circumstances, he became a popular student at Barnwell High School.  He participated in extracurricular activities, even tried out as a male cheerleader and ran for the school student council.  He graduated there in 1983 and moved to Washington State to join the U.S. Navy.  He was honorably discharged in 1987.  In that year, he married a local girl.  That marriage fell apart later. 
 In the late 80s and early 90s,  Mr. Wallace has committed various crimes, including robbery.  It wasn’t until 1990 that he killed Tashonda Bethea.  She was killed in February 1990.  Her badly decomposed body was found in a pond by two fishermen a month later.  Mr. Wallace was the suspect, yet the police let him off because of technical difficulties and that they didn’t find evidence on him.  To me, Barnwell Police Department did a poor job in investigating Ms. Bethea’s murder. From then on, he got into trouble at work, stealing items from Barnwell’s radio station where he once worked as a DJ.
Sometime in 1992, he relocated to Charlotte, North Carolina. He found jobs at several fast-food restaurants in East Charlotte.  Most employers hired him on the spot because he was articulate and intelligent.

In May 1992, he picked up Sharon Nance, a convicted drug dealer and prostitute. When she demanded payment for her services, Wallace beat her to death, then dropped her body by the railroad tracks. She was found a few days later.
In June 1992, he raped and strangled Caroline Love at her apartment, then dumped her body in a wooded area. Love was a friend of Wallace’s girl-friend.[1] After he killed her, he and her sister filed a missing person’s report at the police station. It would be almost two years (March 1994) before her body was discovered in a wooded area in Charlotte.On February 19, 1993, Wallace strangled Shawna Hawk at her home after first having sex with her, and later went to her funeral. Hawk worked at Taco Bell where Wallace was her supervisor. In March 1993, Hawk’s mother, Dee Sumpter, and her godmother Judy Williams founded Mothers of Murder Offspring, a Charlotte-based support group for parents of murdered children.
On June 22, he raped and strangled coworker Audrey Spain, whom he once dated and even officiated as the DJ at her birthday party.  Her body was found two days later.

On August 10, 1993, Wallace raped and strangled Valencia M. Jumper — a friend of his sister’s — then set her on fire to cover up his crime.] A few days after her murder, he and his sister went to Valencia’s funeral.
A month later, in September 1993, he went to the apartment of Michelle Stinson, a struggling college student and single mother of two sons. Stinson was a friend of his from Taco Bell. He raped her and then some time later strangled and stabbed her in front of her oldest son.[1]That October, his only child was born.
On February 4, 1994 Wallace was arrested for shoplifting, but police had not made a connection between him and the murders.
On February 20, 1994, Wallace strangled Vanessa Little Mack, one of his employees from Taco Bell, in her apartment. Mack had two daughters, aged seven and four months, at the time of her death.
On March 8, 1994, Wallace robbed and strangled Betty Jean Baucom. Baucom and Wallace’s girlfriend were co-workers. Afterwards, he took valuables from the house, then he left the apartment with her car.[1] He pawned everything except the car, which he left at a shopping center.
Wallace went back to the same apartment complex on the night of March 8, 1994, knowing that Berness Woods would be at work so he could murder his girlfriend, Brandi June Henderson. Wallace raped Henderson while she held her baby, and then strangled her. He also strangled her son, but he survived. Afterwards, he took some valuables from the apartment and left.
The police beefed up patrols in east Charlotte after two bodies of young black women were found at The Lake apartment complex. Even so, Wallace sneaked through to rob and strangle Deborah Ann Slaughter, who had been a co-worker of his girl-friend, and stabbed her some 38 times in the stomach and chest.[1] Her body was found on March 12, 1994.
Wallace was arrested on March 13, 1994. For 12 hours, he confessed to the murders of 10 women in Charlotte. He described in detail, the women’s appearances, how he raped, robbed and killed the women, and his crack habit.The Video:  Charlotte Tragedy: The Nine Victims of Henry Louis Wallace
From Charlotte Magazine:  1993:  Charlotte’s Deadliest Year

“Two miles away, Dee Sumpter was happy to move to Elon Street that year. A single mother of four, she was thrilled to be buying a house. And although parts of the west side were sketchy, her block was close-knit, she says.Aside from one burglary, the neighborhood was pretty quiet.She and her 20-year-old daughter Shawna Hawk settled into life there. Dee worked as a receptionist and Shawna took classes at Central Piedmont Community College while also working at an east side Taco Bell. They watched TV and read the papers, even stumbled on a crime scene once driving to the grocery store. But the crime didn’t really touch their lives. “That was something that happened to other people,” Sumpter says. “On February 19, 1993, I became ‘other people.’ ”That’s the day she found Shawna strangled in the bathtub. It took more than a year for police to connect her murder to others, to figure out that someone was killing young black women who had worked in east side fast food restaurants. The homicide unit was stretched thin. And this serial killer had an unusual M.O. Shawna Hawk was Henry Louis Wallace’s third victim. He would kill seven more before confessing in March 1994.  Wallace had been Hawk’s boss at Taco Bell. He even showed up at her funeral.Sumpter now describes the weeks and months after Shawna’s murder as the “pinnacle of pain. I remember lying in bed and thinking ‘I don’t want to be here anymore.’ ” Her lifelong friend Judy Williams thought Sumpter needed a new purpose. The pair, along with Williams’s son and present-day City Councilman David Howard, thought a support group for mothers of other murder victims could help channel some of their pain. So in March 1993, Mothers of Murdered Offspring (MOMO) started meeting.Beyond supporting other victims’ families, Sumpter began to advocate for changes to police department procedures, saying detectives were not doing enough to solve Shawna’s murder and others. It was a tense relationship. She made some enemies on the force. But today, she says, her organization and the department’s homicide support group work together to help victims’ family members cope.”

Here’s the article from Wikipedia below: 

Henry Louis Wallace (November 4, 1965 – ) is an American serial killer who killed 10 young attractive Black women in Charlotte, N.C. from May 1992 until March 12, 1994.
Mr. Wallace behaviour toward women was chivalrous in public. However, he had another side to him when he killed his victims, usually at night and alone. The murdered young women knew and trusted him well enough to let him into their homes. He filed a missing person report on Caroline Love the day after she was missing, accompanying Love’s sister and Sadie McKnight to the police station in June 1992. Other victims were strangled or stabbed during his two-year reign of terror that wrecked East Charlotte.

He was arrested on March 13, 1994 after the bodies of three young women were found in East Charlotte. A crack addict, Wallace confessed to murdering 10 young Black women in Charlotte, N.C. between 1992 and 1994. He was arraigned on March 16, 1994. Some community leaders and activists as well as victims’ rights groups such as Mothers of Murdered Offspring complained to the press that Charlotte Police Department didn’t do much to solve the murders because the women were African American.
He was tried for the murders of nine women in 1996. Mr. Wallace was convicted and sentenced to death on January 29, 1997. He’s currently on death row at Central Prison.


Henry Louis Wallace was born in Barnwell, S.C., on November 4, 1965, son of Lottie Mae Wallace and a married school teacher who walked out on Lottie while pregnant with Henry and who never acknowledged his son. Mr. Wallace grew up in extreme poverty, with Lottie Mae working long hours as a textile worker. His mother was a harsh displinarian, constantly criticizing Henry for even the smallest mistakes. In spite of all this, he was a very popular high school student, having been elected to student council and an extremely popular male cheerleader at Barnwell High School in Barnwell, S.C. Mr. Wallace graduated from that school in 1983. He became a deejay for a local radio station in Barnwell. His smooth, sexy voice swayed women so much that earned him the nickname “The Night Rider.” He went to several colleges before joining the U.S. Navy in 1985. Wallace married his high school sweetheart, the former Maretta Brabham in 1987. In 1988, Wallace was honorably discharged from the U.S. Navy.

His Crimes

His criminal activities began while being stationed in the U.S. Navy . This is the time when he started experimenting with various drugs. In Washington State, he was served warrants for several burglaries in and around Seattle metro area. In January 1988, Mr. Wallace got into his first real trouble with police. He broke into a Bremerton garden and hardware store, and as he carted away a TV, videocassette recorder and microwave, police arrested him.
In June 1988, Wallace pleaded guilty to second-degree burglary. A judge sentenced him to two years of supervised probation. According to Probation officer Patrick Seaburg, Wallace didn’t show up for most mandatory meetings.

In early 1990, he met an 18-year old high school student Tashanda Bethea. He dated her for a while. In March 1990, Henry murdered Tashonda Bethea, then dumped her in a lake in Barnwell, S.C., his hometown. It wasn’t until weeks later that her body was discovered. He was questioned by the police regarding her disappearance and death. He was never formally charged in her murder. He was also questioned in connection with the attempted rape of a 16-year old Barnwell girl. She accuse Wallace of attempting to rape her at a local motel. However, his mother told the girl’s family to dropped the charges. He was never charged. By that time, his marriage to Maretta fell apart due to emotional and psychological toll. It was aroung that period that he was fired from his job as Chemical Operator for for Sandoz Chemical Co.
Things have gone from bad to worse for Mr. Wallace. In February 1991, he broke into his old high school and the radio station where he once worked. He stole video and recording equipment and was caught trying to pawn them.

In November 1991, he relocated to Charlotte, N. C. He found jobs at several fast-food restaurants in East Charlotte. Around the same time, he met various attractive young Black women whom he dated, one of them is Sadie McKnight. In May 1992, he picked up Sharon Nance, a convicted drug dealer and prostitute. When she demanded payment for her services, Henry mercilessly beat her to death, then dropped her body by the railroad tracks. She was found few days later. Then he sets his evil designs upon the lovely Caroline Love. He brutally strangled her at her apartment, then dumped her body in a wooded area. After he killed her, he and Caroline’s sisters filed a missing person’s report at the police station. It would be almost two years later (March 1994) before the police find her body. It would be nine months later before he killed again, this time setting his deadly designs at this beautiful princess.

Mr. Wallace went looking for Shawna Denise Hawk in February 1993. He murdered her after visiting her at her home on February 19, 1993. Ms. Hawk was a college student studying to become a paralegal at the time of her death. He was once her boss at Taco Bell in East Charlotte. In January 1993, a month before Shawna was murdered, Mr. Wallace went to the wrong house looking for Ms. Hawk, but found a then 10-year old girl home alone. He ran around the back of her house and jumped over the fence. The girl feared for her safety. Shawna came to the girl’s rescue and offer to babysit for her until her parents came home. Ms. Hawk did this until two weeks before her untimely death. Mr. Wallace may have been stalking Shawna since January 1993. He came to Shawna’s funeral in late February. He offered his sympathy to her mother. A month later, March 1993, Shawna’s mother, Dee Sumpter and her godmother Judy Williams founded Mothers of Murder Offspring, a Charlotte-based support group for parents who lost their children to murder.

Three months has passed and this time he claimed another victim he knew. This time he targeted his friend and co-worker Audrey Spain. He killed her on June 22. Her friends were looking for her when she didn’t show up for work at Taco Bell. Her body was found two days later.

A little over a month later, on August 10, 1993, Mr. Wallace strikes again, this time taking young, ambitious, and very popular college student Valencia M. Jumper. She was the sister of Vanessa Jumper and was a good friend of Henry’s sister, Yvonne. He came over to her house that night because of difficulties with his girlfriend. He wanted to be consoled that night. Instead, he strangled Valencia, then set her on fire to cover up his crime. A few days after the murder, he and his sister went to Valencia’s funeral.

A month later, in September 1993, he went to the apartment of Michelle Stinson, a struggling college student and single mother of two sons. He strangled and stabbed her in front of her oldest son. She was his last victim of 1993.

As community pressure mounted in the wake of Charlotte’s high crime rate, Mr. Wallace took a break from criminal activity. One reason is the birth of his only child in October. Another is that community activists were protesting the lack of concern regarding Black crime victims in Northern and Eastern Charlotte neighborhoods. They contended that the police didn’t solve the murders of Blacks aggressively as they have done with White victims in South Charlotte and that the police and the general community didn’t care for the safety of residents who had to live in such crime-ridden areas.

On February 20, the day after the anniversary of Shawna Hawk’s death and Dee Sumpter’s pleas to the media to help solve her daughter’s murder, Mr. Wallace killed Vanessa Little Mack in her apartment. His crack habit was very strong at the time and he was on the lookout for money to support the habit. He targeted Ms. Mack because she had a good job and income. Her mother-in-law, Barbara Rippy found her dead. Her four-month old daughter was alright. Ms. Mack had two daughters, aged seven and fourn months at the time of her death.
On March 8, 1994, Mr. Wallace went to the apartment of his longtime friend Vernon Lamar Woods, with the intention of robbing, raping and murdering Woods’s girlfriend, Brandi Henderson. Brandi was the mother of 10-month old Tareese Woods. Brandi, Vernon, and Mr. Wallace once worked at the Golden Corral and have been good friends since. Brandi’s boyfriend was home, foiling his motive in coming over there in the first place. He realized he knew someone else that lived in the apartment complex: His girlfriend’s best friend.

Betty Jean Baucom, who worked with his girlfriend Sadie McKnight at Bojangles. Betty was the assistant manager. When Betty Jean Baucom answered the door on that same day, Wallace told her he needed to use her phone. She was more than glad to help her friend, Sadie McKnight who was Henry’s boyfriend. He demanded keys, the safe, and the alarm code for Bojangles in order to rob the place to support his drug addiction. Baucom resisted, refusing to give them to him. Finally, she surrendered. According to Wallace’s confession, Baucom stood up and told him that she forgave him. Wallace strangled her to death. Afterwards, he took valuables from the house. Then he left the apartment with her car. He pawned everything except the car, which he left at a shopping center.

Mr. Wallace went back to the same apartment complex on the night of March 8,1994, knowing that Vernon Woods would be at work so he could murder his girlfriend Brandi June Henderson. Earlier in the day he came to the couple’s house admiring the new entertainment center the couple bought with their income tax refund money. Wallace strangled Henderson that night. Tarresse cried loudly. That startled Mr. Wallace. He then went to the couple’s bathroom to get a towel. He tied it tightly around the Tarreese’s neck. Then he took the valuables inside the apartment and left afterwards.

The police beefed up patrols in east Charlotte after two bodies of young Black women were found in the same apartment complex. While the police patrolling the neighborhood, Mr. Wallace stopped by at an apartment of a woman he knew before.

It was Deborah Ann Slaughter. Ms. Slaughter, who relocated from Atlanta the year before and a mother of an 18-year-old son. She used to worked at Bojangles, where his girlfriend worked. He came to her house asking for money for drugs. He stabbed and strangled her. Then he stole a few things upon leaving the apartment. Her body was found March 12, 1994.
Wallace was arrested on March 13, 1994. For 12 hours, he confessed to the murders of 10 Black women in Charlotte. He described the womens’ appearances, how he raped, robbed and killed the women in detailed descriptions, and of his crack habit.

The Aftermath and Criticism

On March 13,1994, Henry Louis Wallace was arrested for killing 10 young women. Charlotte’s police chief congratulated his arrest, reassuring the community that the women of East Charlotte are safe, now that the killer is behind bars. Many people, especially in the Black community wondered why the murders weren’t solved soon enough and that Charlotte Police didn’t consider the murders of 10 young Black women between 1992 and 1994 high on the priority list. As Shawna Denise Hawk’s mother, Dee Sumpter said concerning police neglect:
the victims “weren’t prominent people with social-economic status. They weren’t special. And they were black. “

Charlotte’s police chief, Rod Steiger was stumped by a serial killer in their midst. He said he wasn’t aware of a killer until early March 1994 when three young Black women were murdered within four days of each other. Charlotte Police Department apologized to its residents for not spotting a link among the murders sooner. However, they said the murder cases varied enough to throw them off Wallace’s trail. Until the Mr. Wallace’s murder pace picked up in the early weeks of March 1994, the deaths were sporadic and not entirely similar. It was only in the week of March 9, 1994 that Charlotte Police warned the people in East Charlotte that there was a serial killer on the loose.

One young lady said that the police didn’t care because the police viewed the young female murder victims as “fast girls who hang out a lot.” The victims were not the type. They were described by both the press and family members as pretty, hardworking, and serious young women. Others said the reason why the police didn’t take the murder cases serious because the women were both working class and Black.

Inside The Trial
After two years of hearing confessions, debates on whether to hold the trial in Charlotte, the DNA evidence from murdered victims, and the jury selection, his trial began in September 1996. In the opening arguments, the prosecutor argues for the death penaly while the defense attorney pleaded for life sentence for Mr. Wallace. The prosecutor told the jurors to sympathize with the victims and that Mr. Wallace’s crimes were heinous and cruel, while the defense urge them to consider Mr. Wallace dire circumstances and his mental illness as mitigating factors in giving him life in prison instead of the death penalty.

In the opening argument, the Assistant District Attorney Marsha Goodenow urge the jury to think about the victims and how they died heinously by Mr. Wallace. She told the jurors that the victims have several things in common:

“They were African American women, all young, all very attractive, she said. “They all knew the defendant and they all died at his hands. “

Public Defender Isabel Day told the victims’ families and jurors that Mr. Wallace was a man driven by hideous fantasies and disabled by mental illness rooted in childhood. Furthermore, Ms. Day said defense evidence will show that the killings were not first-degree murder because they didn’t result from “premeditation and deliberation.

According to FBI serial murder expert Robert Ressler:

“If he elected to become a serial killer, he was going about it in the wrong way,’ said Robert Ressler, one of the “Mr. Wallace always seemed to take one step forward and two steps back,” Ressler testified. ‘He would take items and put them in the stove to destroy them by burning them and then forget to turn the stove on.”

Psychologist Faye Sultan testified during the trial that Mr. Wallace was constant victim of physical and mental abuse from his mother since birth and that he suffered from mental illness at the time of the killings. Ms. Sultan argues for life sentence without parole instead of the death penalty.

Ms. Goodenow argued that Mr. Wallace deserved death because he is a calculating, cold-blooded killer who preyed on friends and co-workers and hid his crimes by cleaning up murder scenes.
Defense attorneys, Day and Cooney, on the other hand, did not dispute the fact that Mr. Wallace killed the nine young Black women. They argued he was mentally ill and drug addicted at the time of the killings, driven by obsessional sexual fantasies that rendered him incapable of forming the intent to kill. Ms. Day and Mr. Cooney wanted a second-degree murder conviction in hopes of avoiding a death sentence.

On January 7, 1997, he was found guilty of nine murders and on January 29, 1997, he was sentenced to nine consecutive death sentences. Mr. Wallace said nothing during his trial for murdering and raping nine women. After being sentenced to death, he broke his silence to apologize to the victims’ families.

“None of these women, none of your daughters, mothers, sisters or family mem
bers in any way deserved what they got. They did nothing to me that warranted their death,”

Wiping tears, Wallace sat down as George Burrell, Brandi June Henderson’s cousin shouted:
“Why did you kill them?”

After The Trial
On June 5, 1998, Henry Louis Wallace, was married to a former prison nurse, Rebecca Torrijas, in a ceremony next to the execution chamber where he has been sentenced to die. Mecklenburg County public defender Isabel Day, served as an official witness and photographer. Also attending was the manager of the death-row unit at the prison.

Since being sentenced to death in 1997, Mr. Wallace has been appealing to the courts to overturn the death sentences, stating that his confessions were coerced and his constitutional rights were violated in the process.

In 2005, Superior Court Judge Charles Lamm rejected Wallace’s latest appeal to overturn his convictions and nine death sentences, moving him another step closer to execution.
The legal battle to save Wallace, now 41, has already been through the state and federal courts. The N.C. Supreme Court upheld the death sentences in 2000. The U.S. Supreme Court in 2001 denied his appeal. Lamm’s rejection is the first in a second round of appeals that will likely wind through state and federal courts again in the next few years.

No execution date is being set for Mr. Wallace to this day.

The Victims
The victims described in news reports and the victims’ families accounts were young, beautiful Black women between the ages of 18 and 35. Majority of Mr. Wallace’s victims were petite as well. Some were mothers of young children, others were pretty young college students.

The victims:Tashanda Bethea
Sharon Lavette Nance
Caroline Love
Shawna D. Hawk
Audrey Ann Spain
Valencia M. Jumper
Michelle Stinson
Vanessa Little Mack
Betty Jean Baucom
Brandi June Henderson
Deborah Slaughter

  1. Anonymous3:18 PMI just viewed a retrospective on this case on the ID Channel. I had no idea about any of this. What a tragedy and sad ugly blemish on our beautiful city.

  2. Anonymous10:58 AMI knew Henry Louis Wallace. We grew up in adjoining towns in South Carolina. He was in Barnwell, I was in the Allendale-Fairfax area. He was a DJ at our local radio station, WBAWm and he also DeeJayed at all of the popular night clubs at that time. My brother and my former sister-in- law were also DeeJays at the same radio station with him.
    His stage name was “The Midnight Rider,” and he would always wear a cowboy type hat when deejaying. I’m sure that name had great and dark significance to him that we did not know about. Henry was also friends with several of my family members who were in the club scene. One thing that sticks out in my mind is that he loved hanging out with girls all the time. In fact, one of the girls that he used to hang out with and date was my friend’s Aunt. She was found strangled in her shower and until this day, no killer was named. Me and people from our town and even the police in my town, suspect that Henry killed her too. When the police from South Carolina visited him in Charlotte to inquire about the murder in South Carolina after he was arrested for the murders in Charlotte, he was no longer “talking.” It has been said that whenever Henry went to a town, a black girl was either missing or dead. Somebody once said that though Henry befriended and dated alot of girls he didn’t real seem to like girls and that he always seemed “like a girl trapped in a guy’s body.”
    We talk about Henry every now and then. My mother told me one day before she died that she was so glad that I never tried to connect with Henry after we both moved to Charlotte area from South Carolina. She is not the only one who’s glad.
  3. GeoBurrell6:45 PMHe took my best friend, confidant and cousin, Brandi June Henderson, away from me. I was on the phone with her when he knocked at e hands of

The Taco Bell Strangler Part I

Henry Louis Wallace This is the first and last photo of him I’m posting.

Some of the victims of Henry Louis Wallace, A.K.A. The Taco Bell Strangler from the Investigation Discovery Channel’s Bad Henry(2018)

Before I write this, I want to warn my readers that this post contains adult themes, violence, and graphic details that are unsuitable to children under 12 years old as well as to people who are very sensitive and traumatized.

A Preview of Bad Henry(2018) From Investigation Discovery Channel

On February 19, 1994, the late Shawna Hawk’s mother Dee Sumpter of Mothers of Murdered Offspring issued a plea to the community to find her daughter’s murderer. She was determined to solve her beloved daughter’s murder soon.

At this time period, at least six young Black women of Charlotte were either strangled or missing went unsolved. Bereaved parents were anguished over whether the police and the media were really serious in bringing their daughters’ killers to justice. The year before, in Fall of 1993, Charlotte’s Black community were rightfully angry at the city and the police department for their lackadaisical attitude toward Black victims.

Dee Sumpter, Shawna Hawk’s mother and founder of Mothers of Murdered Offspring said regarding the victims:

“The victims weren’t prominent people with social-economic status. They weren’t special. And they were black.”

As I read many newspaper accounts of the serial killer and his victims, several things are consistent:  That the victims were young Black women who knew or acquainted with the killer who were murdered by his hands.  That he knew all but one of the victims is unusual.  What else is unusual is that he confessed to the killings, telling the police the details of how he knew his victims, their appearances and lifestyles and how he murdered the women and the cleaning up of murder scenes.  He confessed for at least 12 hours after his arrest on March 12, few hours after the police found the last murder victim, Debra Ann Slaughter at her apartment.

The confession he made was gruesome and, frankly, cruel.  He charmed his victims with his nonthreatening demeanor, was very friendly to women and children.  He is usually there to help his neighbors, friends, and acquaintances with heavy duty work, repairs, comforting the women when things get tough or had a difficult time with family members or their partners. 

He was a fixture in East Charlotte.  He worked at various fast food restaurants, became a manager at the Taco Bell near the now defunct Eastland Mall.

Back then, it was a flourishing mall. Some said that mall was once Charlotte’s finest mall. It wasn’t until the late 90s that the mall declined.   It got worse in the 2000s when both department stores as well as mainline stores departed the mall.  Eastland eventually closed in 2010. Was demolished several years later.

Henry worked at the Taco Bell with Shawna Hawk and Audrey Spain. He often see Michelle Stinson eating there as well. Vanessa Mack’s sister, Leslie Little worked there as well.   That’s how he knew Vanessa was through her sister who was his co worker. 

Nearby Taco Bell, there’s a regional restaurant called Bojangles. It’s a chicken restaurant similar to Lee’s Famous Recipe and Popeyes. It’s very popular in Charlotte. It’s also where his former girlfriend worked along with Caroline, Shawna, Debra, and Betty.

This was an Era of transformation.   The early 1990s was the time of pop culture and sociopolitical and economic changes and challenges.   Mall culture was popular all throughout the eighties and the nineties.   Hip hop and rap was becoming mainstream with white suburban youth making up the bulk of new consumers. Rappers such as Dr. Dre, Snoop Dogg, NWA, Ice-T, TLC, Queen Latifah, 2 Live Crew, Public Enemy were successful rappers with controversial songs and themes.

Henry had plenty of internal demons that were unresolved throughout his life.   He was born in November 4, 1965, in Barnwell, South Carolina from a single mother, Lottie Wallace and a married school teacher who walked out on her as soon as he found out her pregnancy. He didn’t want anything to do with his outside children. He had a very rough upbringing along with an absentee father who basically didn’t want him whatsoever.  Back in the day, single motherhood was stigmatized. He lived in a house without indoor plumbing and electricity. His mother worked at a local textile factory. She was a disciplinarian who had no patience for her children’s’ mistakes.

He had a hard time at school because his parents were not married. The majority of his classmates had both parents.  His only wished that he knew his father.  One day, he received a phone call from his father. He wanted to meet his son but he didn’t come over that day.  That made him sad.  Nevertheless, he was an outgoing student who participated in extracurricular activities in school, even becoming a student council representative in high school.

He graduated in 1983. He went to various colleges. He tried to keep up with his studies before dropping out. He then decided that college was not for him. In my opinion, he didn’t try. In 1984, he became a deejay for a local radio station. He was so popular that he was given the nickname, The Night Rider. However, his popularity was short lived for he was fired for stealing records from the station. The following year, he joined the US Navy. He thrived there for several years.

To be continued – Chapter Two

The US Capitol riot

This is a terrorist attack and make no mistake, there are white supremacists in America that are destroying this country and yet, society and media give them a pass.


The US Capitol riot (January 6th 2021), also known as “the events of January 6th”, or “Wednesday”, was when a Trump rally in Washington, DC turned into an attack on the US Capitol building. They stormed the Capitol just when Congress was counting the Electoral College vote to declare the winner of the 2020 election. Some rioters were chanting “HANG MIKE PENCE!” – the vice president, who was in charge of the counting. A noose was even set up. Bombs were found. Pence lived, but at least five died.

After order was restored, Congress continued the count, declaring Joe Biden the next president. He is due to be sworn in on January 20th – barring further misadventures.

Public support: An early YouGov opinion poll showed that 93% of Democrats saw it as a threat to democracy, while 45% of Republicans were for it!

At the rally, President Trump claimed…

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