‘I prefer that the blonde serve me’, says customer to black attendant in a restaurant – Are you sure we’re all still equal in Brazil?


Black Women of Brazil

‘Prefiro que a loira me atenda_, diz cliente a atendente negra em restaurante

Note from BW of Brazil: Another day, another example of why Brazilians are not “all equal”. It’s just funny that perhaps millions of people around the world wouldn’t assume that such blatant, open displays of racist sentiments occur in a place like Brazil. Well, how much more evidence is necessary? And for all of those Brazilians who continue to insist that “somos todos iguais” (we are all equal), I would LOVE to know why someone would refuse the service of a black woman in a restaurant and prefer to be waited on by a blond, I mean, if you, in fact, DO believe that we are all equal? As bad as the blatant prejudice in this case was, that’s not even the worst part. That lies in the fact that the victim of discrimination didn’t seem to realize that had been discriminated against and didn’t want to take any action!

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Some Idiot Wrote This

Don Reynolds wrote:

“Such a surprise. Once colleges and universities started down this road, they find that it never ends anywhere. In the bad old days, segregated housing on campus was a definite No-No. The first crack in that wall was “Athletic Dorms”, which were originally intended to separate the semi-professional sports pets from actual students…..later these became All-Negro Rape Crisis Centers for white co-eds.
North Carolina is an unusual state in many ways. Being from Wilmington, I am allowed to say that. Unlike many states, North Carolina does not have two races, but three……black, white, and red. Now with the Hispanic invasion, North Carolina can claim to have a fourth…..brown. Since, half of the Hispanics quit school before they graduate high school, the Hispanic dorm will probably come later.
Like I said, there is no end to housing segregation. First, by race and gender. Next they will demand separate housing for homosexuals and cross dressers. Are Nerds a separate ethnic group? Chinese students are numerous enough these days. Plenty of Rednecks in North Carolina too. Perhaps, the few serious white students will rate their own housing, separate and apart from the pets.”

What an idiot!



We’ve all by now read and heard the comments Don Imus made in calling the young women of Rutgers basketball team, “nappy-headed hos”. Many people are calling for his firing for his racist slurs. Some supporters of Imus even say that he is not a racist. He even says he is not a racist. He has gone on air to the Rev. Al Sharpton’s radio program to apologize, but I feel that damage control will not work this time. I feel that Imus has gone too far and has offended more than just these young black girls and their college basketball team. He has offended the sensibilities of many Americans. People need to rid America of the filth of so called “shock radio”. It serves as nothing but mind rotting hatred disguised and protected under free speech.There is freedom of speech. And then there is hateful, libelous , slanderous…

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Ivy League Eugenics Advocates in the US Supported Aryan Purity Just Like Hitler

One thing the article left out:
Many of them were either New England Republicans, Upper Class Americans or White Southern Democrats.  They left a hateful legacy of eugenics and White supremacy to this day.

MARK KARLIN, BUZZFLASH AT TRUTHOUT It’s something that sounds like a conspiracy theory to learn that there were Ivy League professors who supported Ar…

Source: Ivy League Eugenics Advocates in the US Supported Aryan Purity Just Like Hitler

Republicans who Supported Eugenics thru Planned Parenthood

Republicans support eugenics when it comes to controlling the browning, tanning, and beiging of America, then and now.

Saynsumthn's Blog

Left wing journalist, Michelle Goldberg, who supports abortion and Planned Parenthood makes case also made in the documentary film, Maafa21, when she pens the reasons why Planned Parenthood still has Republican friends in the South, especially Texas,

Goldberg writes, “Before the rise of the religious right, Planned Parenthood had deep support among bipartisan elites, including committed conservatives. Some were motivated by concern for the health of poor women, others by fear of overpopulation and concern about a social safety net strained by unwanted children. “It is my view that no American woman should be denied access to family planning assistance because of her economic condition,” Richard Nixon declared in a 1969 “Special Message to the Congress on Problems of Population Growth.” Barry Goldwater was an ardent Planned Parenthood supporter whose wife was a founding member of the group’s Arizona state affiliate. As a Texas Congressman, George H.W…

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Interracial Relationships: A Walking Death?

The real threat to White supremacy is healthy Black couples and families. Which is why society and media push interracial and LGBT relationships on Blacks while the White elites stay away from such relationships. The powers that be want to destroy self-esteem and determination in the Black community. That’s how white supremacy works.

Whispers of a Womanist

Just the other day, social media acquainted me with an image that I found rather disturbing. Oddly, the picture probably proved innocuous to most and sweet to others. The picture displayed a black woman alongside her boyfriend. While he appeared to eschew the camera gaze, she beamed with pride. I scrolled to a few other (recent) pictures that contained this male—seemingly her boyfriend. She embodied the contemporary casing that accompanies many black women, a head full of someone else’s hair, makeup and stylish clothing. Interestingly, every picture displayed a different hairstyle, that while overtly varying from the prior picture, commonly veiled her natural hair with inauthentic textures and or hair color. The pictures with this male and the selfies are obviously staged, existing to evoke envy and discount any question pertaining to this woman’s desirability. This profile disturbed me not only because of its ostentation, but the insecurity that lies beneath…

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Black Oscar Nominations: Talking Points and Tokenism

That’s so true. Which is precisely why I don’t watch those award shows at all.

Whispers of a Womanist

Following my post on black beauty, I received a comment that referenced the number of black nominees for the upcoming Oscars. It then became obvious to me that these black nominees surfaced for this very reason—to occupy a point of reference in contemporary conversations about race. Despite racism bearing a persistent presence in western culture, whites and unconscious persons of color intertwine black nominees as a shallow straw man and irrelevant deflection to eschew racial realities. Thus, in examining the contemporary influx of black bodies garnering acknowledgment in the form of white accolades, it becomes obvious that this acknowledgment occurs out of strategy, not generosity. This strategy is not to celebrate blackness, but to celebrate whiteness through black bodies.

Contemporary society gloats of its abundant and diverse portrayals yet all contemporary portrayals function to validate myths surrounding blackness. Moonlight, for example follows a young black male’s journey from outcast to…

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From Michelle to Melania: Femininity, Race and White Supremacy

Thank you. I’m sick of feminists coddling Melania like she’s a victim when they were not there when the former First Lady Michelle Obamaand her daughters were assaulted by the racist media.

Whispers of a Womanist

The morning after the 2008 election, I had an American Literature class with a white professor at a historically black university. This professor would prove drastically inferior to the brilliant black minds to which my education would acquaint me. He also proved consistently discouraging, seizing every opportunity to belittle the writing of a small class filled entirely with young black women. The morning following the election he spent a large portion of our fifty minute class condescendingly addressing the Obamas, treating a black family occupying the White House as many regarded the 2005 blackout. The most resonant of his comments some nine years later were the comments he made regarding Michelle Obama–namely the facial expression he wore when he called her victory dress ugly. Although he spoke of her dress, it was obvious that he regarded the black female body that was then the First Lady with a similar disgust…

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Something New

This is a brilliant post.


“Something New” (2006) is a Hollywood film starring Sanaa Lathan and Simon Baker about a black woman, Kenya McQueen, who has a love affair with a white man, Brian Kelly. Alfre Woodard plays her mother; Blair Underwood appears as the Ideal Black Man.

I started watching it but fell asleep. It was not believable:

  1. She is a high-powered accountant, he is a landscaper.
  2. There is no chemistry: they do not seem like they are in love – or even in like. In fact, there seems to be a certain coldness and distance between them.

The other day I watched it all the way through. I was right about the lack of chemistry, but his being a landscaper, I now see, was necessary for the story.

“The Princess and the Commoner” might be a better name: she is from black high society and falls in love with an ordinary man…

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“Speak, so you can speak again.”

Zora Neale Hurston

In the Black American neighborhoods around the United States of America, racism is considered the ultimate end-all-be-all as to what harms the Black community.

Discussions on racism hold paramount interest among both Black women and Black men.

Yes, racism has caused destruction against Black people for over four centuries.

With the election of Donald Trump, racism has been given a legitimacy it has not seen since the times of Ben “Pitchfork” Tillman, Coleman Blease, James K. Vardaman, Walter Ashby Plecker, and George Wallace.

Racism has left in place the vestiges of white racist hate of Black people.

Many Black people are quick to discuss and attack racism in the form of the decimation it has caused in Black communities across this nation as a result of restrictive covenants, racial Jane Crow segregation, race-based slavery, FHA loan discrimination, redlining, gerrymandering——to name just…

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