Miscegeny! Miscegeny! No escaping that for me!

That’s so true. Mainstream media just use multiracial people to promote a so-called color-blind ideology instead of their humanity. The media thinks that interracial relationships are a cure against racism. But America’s painful history tells us otherwise. Women of Color were raped, exploited, and abused by White men without recourse or consequence. Just go to any community of Color(Black, Latino, American Indian) and one sees various complexions and features as a result of colonialism, slavery, Jim Crow, Reservations, etc. What really gets on my nerves is that mainstream media presents interracial relationships and families as a novelty and as fetish. It’s disgusting and worse, it’s White Liberal media is exploiting this idea. With people like those, who needs Right-Wing Conservatives when Liberals are doing the same thing. Both ideologies are racist to the core. Just saying.

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Martin Schoeller. The Changing Face of America. Martin Schoeller. The Changing Face of America.

I wanted to avoid writing about the PolicyMic What Americans Will Look Like in 2050 article. Part of this is because I don’t really like the photographs. I’ve found that portraits where the photographer’s style overwhelms the photo don’t really do it for me unless I’m looking at a show which is about the photographer. There are, of course, exceptions here—e.g. I really like Avedon’s West—but in general I’ll echo Wayne Bremser and think of these kinds of photos as caricatures rather than portraits.

National Geographic is not a magazine I expect to see caricatures in. Nor is race something I enjoy seeing caricatured. It takes me into uncomfortable territory, especially when the race in question is mine.

In addition to the Martin Schoeller all-look-same effect, another part of why I wanted to stay away is because the photos…

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