Why Black Women Prefer To Date and Marry Black Men…

Ah, the arrogance of white supremacist media to have the audacity to tell Black women to date/marry/interact/procreate outside of the community. That’s ahistorical and it’s really about control, bottom line.

From The Mind of Truthangel

I'm so lucky...

Does this really need to be explained?

Some would think so…well, for those who are wondering, here’s why the majority of Black women prefer Black men: Black men are the only equals for Black women. A Black man was the first man. In the image of God…man was created. He was the first father. Black men are what their fathers are. All women want to marry that which mirrors them.

In my wildest dreams, I never thought there would be day when any Black person would have to qualify their reason as to why they do what should come natural to all, to love one another, fall in love, and marry.

The state of condition in this country is such that white people are now concerned that we are marrying each other–and not them. Huh? Thus, the arrogant white controlled media has seemingly created an attitude in the public’s mind…

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