When White Men Love Black Women on TV

Yep. Same race/ethnicity/religion/class pairings prevail, esp among hetero white european upper class christians. For those who hype the notion of Black women/nonblack men relationships. TV certainly doesn’t reflect it. For Black men and women who crave Black relationships, they’re getting rarer every year. No Asian, Latin, Native American Arab men as romantic interests either. Post-racial, my foot


With Olivia and Fitz and Annalise and Sam it has been noted that there’s a mainstream pop culture revolution happening in the representation of white men in relationships with black women.


Has post-racial dating finally trickled down to black women? Are younger   people less hung-up on race and more accepting of interracial couples in media? Has powerhouse Shonda Rhimes single-handedly flipped the script on the natural superiority of white women?

I started this whole thing (and it becomes a thing) because I wondered, “just how unique is this moment of white men and black women romantic pairings on television?”

Bless my heart.

What started with an unanswered question on Twitter ended up with a five day bender. The bender took me through reference books, online databases, and into the emotionally fraught waters of assigning race to human subjects.

I am hesitant to share any parts of what I found. For…

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