The Audacity of Bill O’Reilly!!!

Bill O’Reilly is an attention seeker who has deep-seated race issues.

From The Mind of Truthangel

You know, I really don’t pay this racist blowhard much attention.  He says things to get attention, not to bring forth information and truth.  His tactics are that of an ignorant drunk in a bar, making comments, just to stir things up.

Bill O’Reilly apparently has no education beyond what he watches on television regarding Black people.  The comments he’s made over the years have literally been laughable. As if, Black people are responsible for holding a higher moral standard than all others in this country.

He never talks about White American’s sick behavior and actions; only Black people.

The last time I checked, Black people didn’t ruin this economy, but have paid a hell of a price in the high unemployment rate among Black people.

Does he talk about that.

His most recent comments have come once again on a segment with Martin Luther King III, in which advised…

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