Vern’s Venting: The Privilege of White Male Forgiveness

Vern’s brilliant analysis of white male(and female) privilege of forgiveness.



By Lavern Merriweather

The exceptional Chauncey Devega whom I adore greatly once wrote a post that Brotha reposted on this site about Colorado shooter James Holmes. My man Chauncey said – and very accurately so – that white males have the privilege of their violence being seen as uncommon. When a white male does something exceedingly and sadistically violent, they are seen as an outsider, an anomaly. James Holmes can’t possibly represent all or most white males because he is supposedly insane.

Not only do white folks in the media believe that males who look like them are incapable of brutality, they make bullshit excuses for the ones that do.

Mr. Devega also pointed out that a white male’s behavior, no matter how wrong, is still seen as the act of an individual. Whereas when it’s a Negro, he is just going along with the badness of his environment. Black…

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