The Chapel Hill Shooting

Not only is this a tragedy, but it’s a hate crime and it ought to be treated as such because that guy has a violent history toward his neighbors.

This crime fits a larger narrative of Islamophobia and racism in America. It’s of no surprise that the governor of NC didn’t denounced the murder as a hate crime. That Muslims/Middle Easterners in America are victims of racist incidents just like other POCs and religious/ethnic minorities.




The Chapel Hill Shooting took place in the US on February 10th 2015 near the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, North Carolina. Craig Stephen Hicks, an American student, shot three other American students in the head:

  • Deah Barakat, 23,
  • Yusor Abu-Salha, his wife, 21,
  • Razan Abu-Salha, her sister, 19.

Apparent hate crime: Hicks is an outspoken atheist who belongs to Atheists for Equality. He killed Muslim American neighbours that he had threatened and been hateful towards in the past.

The hashtag #ChapelHillShooting went viral on Twitter in the US, Britain, Egypt, Saudi Arabia and elsewhere. Some said the mainstream media was not covering the shooting, but it made the front page of the New York Times the next day.

The police said:

“preliminary investigation indicates that the crime was motivated by an ongoing neighbour dispute over parking.”

They have not yet ruled out a hate crime.

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