The charming prince? For the end of the romanticizing of the European white man

A different dynamic- the dynamic of White man/Black woman relationships

Black Women of Brazil

Pelo fim da romantização do homem branco europeu

Note from BW of Brazil: Much of the content on this blog focuses on the challenges of identity and the reign of Eurocentric standards of beauty throughout Brazil. Many articles have documented what appears to an obvious preference of Afro-Brazilian men for white women. But as ALL Brazilians live under a “dictatorship of whiteness”, it is not possible that Afro-Brazilian women aren’t also affected by this standard. In a post from last year for example, one woman involved in the sexual tourism industry openly declared her desire to a attract a white man to limpar a família (clean or lighten the family).

This is not an isolated case.

One Angolan friend of mine who spent a few years in Rio de Janeiro filming a documentary shared his opinion that many black women there didn’t really even care what attributes a man possessed in considering romantic interests, as long as he…

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One Reply to “The charming prince? For the end of the romanticizing of the European white man”

  1. Now, are us Sistas going to confront this elephant in the room as well? We all talk about the dynamic of Black men/White women and how white beauty standards and femininity impact Black and WOC as well as global society, but what about the notion that white men are romantic heroes to be desired by all women and its effect upon MOC and global society?

    It’s time to confront the demons of RWS.


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