From the Archives: Paula Deen’s son racially offensive photo

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‘More Offensive Than the N-Word’- Update


‘More Offensive Than the N-Word’: Paula Deen’s Son Posts Photo of Him Kissing Employee ‘Forced’ to Dress Up Like Aunt Jemima | Issue Hawk

Do you see the similarities between Paula Deen’s son photo and the blatantly racist 19th century cartoon, “Not Particular” depicting that very same scene except they were standing up instead of sitting?
Disgustingly Racist and Sexist!  Paula Deen’s son ought to be ashamed of himself!
Here’s more racism from the Deen family on Mail Online newspaper
  • Jamie Deen has re-ignited the accusations of racism that surround the family a year on from the scandal which cost his mom her TV career
  • On Friday he posted a photo of him cuddling Ineata ‘Jellyroll’ Jones, an employee at the center of some of last year’s racist accusations
  • Other employees claimed that Deen forced the woman to dress up in an Aunt Jemima-style outfit against her wishes
  • His questionable tweet comes amid a reports that his Food Network show has been dropped
  • Last week his mom launched The Paula Deen Network, a show to be made available to digital subscribers from September
Just as Paula Deen is attempting to rebuild her sullied reputation in the wake of last year’s N-word scandal, son Jamie has re-ignited the accusations of racism that surround the family.
Amid reports that the Food Network has cancelled his own cooking show, Jamie posted a photo on Twitter on Friday of him smooching with an older African-American woman.
The image was captioned ‘Don’t tell [my wife] Brooke. #jellyroll #sugar’.
The woman in the photo, Ineata ‘Jellyroll’ Jones, is an employee of Paula Deen who was at the center of some of last year’s racist accusations.
In 2013, The Columbus Dispatch claimed, ‘Deen used Jones for restaurant theater. At 11 a.m., when the doors opened at [her restaurant] Lady & Sons, she stood in front and rang an iron dinner bell.’
Ineata Jones was being made a “mammy” by the Deen family.  The blatant racism of the Deen family is beyond disgusting.
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One Black woman wrote:
“Wow, did Paula Deen really call one of her workers JellyRoll?” LaVerne Mack (@shaigirl11) wrote on Twitter. “I find that more offensive than the N-word.”
Another woman wrote:
“I didn’t know about the history of the term jellyroll but she clearly doesn’t mind the nickname. Paula asked her to dress as Aunt Jemima and she said no, end of story. Sometimes people need to be educated on other cultures. Clearly Paula has a romantic view of certain periods of time in the south that was very painful for African Americans. The south is not the most tolerant place and it’s steeped in tradition. Instead of vilifying, why not use these incidents to begin a conversation about some of the issues that exist with race.“-  Charli at
I agree.

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