Nationality versus Ethnicity

Traditional Christianity

In a recent exchange on In Mala Fide, I was asked:

There was a time in history, before the rise of nationalism in the 18th century, where peoples preserved themselves without the need of a nationalistic ideology. I wonder how they did it?

(I responded there, but would like to expound upon that here.)

What’s better than nationalistic ideology?

Ethnic ideology, of course, including religious ideology. Strong ethnicities make intermarriage and travel more problematic, which reduces the need for outer controls. Nationality is becoming more difficult to maintain and will soon devolve down into violent conflict because everything has become so bland, generic, and secular. Trying to use violence to stop that is pointless, and European ethnicities have been so diluted through international marriage and international movement (especially within Europe, although the nationalists would have us forget that, as they consider all white people to be interchangeable) that resurrecting…

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