Guest Post: High Minded Negroes

Lavern Merriweather’s brilliant commentary:

“America is not a moral place, and condemning it on the left while you condone it on the right is not doing anyone a favor, including you. Why stop at just Shawty? This is the same network that houses that foolishness known as Bad Girls Club while you are it let us also go after that shitty Next Top Model junk. Hell, I wouldn’t shed a tear if all the reality shows were done away with, but you won’t do it by selectively playing morality police and hypocritical singling out only certain people. The only power that someone else’s opinion of you has is how much you choose to give it.”- Lavern Merriweather from Brotha Wolf Blog

Amen to that and many more!


by Lavern Merriweather

Recently, Brotha wrote a post about the outrage from black people over a show on the Oxygen cable network called All My Baby Mommas. Starring a rapper by the name of Shawty Lo and the women who got knocked up, which at last count was 10 women and 11 babies. So, what was this fool trying to do, create a harem or something? Lord, I hope not and maybe it’s not 100% fair to call him a fool without calling the women he made the babies with that also. Because I hate when any time a black male has a bunch of babies out of wedlock and is being irresponsible black people make it seem as if he reveled in the stupidity all by himself.

The women involved are just as much at fault as he is, if not more. So, because they had the option…

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