The Food Industry’s Dirty Little Secret

So true.


I received so many comments on this blog (and personally) regarding blacks, food, illness and obesity, I decided to do a follow-up and go more in-depth. The food industry wants certain populations of this society terminated. And food, being the essence of life, is the perfect tool to accomplish that.

How many of you have noticed that McDonald’s has cleverly marketed the fast food giant in the direction of urban folks? Please take a look at this commercial:

This popular commercial aired in 1993 and sales soared! With a “church-sounding” band in the background and rich, famous basketball players competing for burgers, the Food Giant has subliminally convinced urban folks that the greasy, salty, high-calorie, low-in-nutrition food is “ok” for consumption. How very clever!

Even more clever…use it to promote athleticism:

This isn’t the first time the food industry has spent billions of dollars on clever strategies designed for the destruction of poor, urban people.

Along with soda, Popeye’s…

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