Being Black Faculty at a White College

So true!

Radicalize Me!

Being Black Faculty at a White College

1. Seeing the president of your college around town and having him ask you where you work every single time, in spite of the fact that there are less than a handful of Black faculty members at your school.
2. Having your president ask you at a retreat, “So where did we get you from?” as if you came from a farm, or a zoo, or a plantation …
3. Sitting in disbelief as the college president disrespects the President of the United States, Barack Obama …
4. Feeling sick that the college president represents me in the community
5. Feeling angry that the college president has the temerity to turn our annual state of the college address into a political message directing us how to vote republican, when he’s a state employee
6. Getting a migraine every year, just before the state…

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