Vern’s Venting: Say, Brother

I got to reblog this brilliant pearl of wisdom from Mama Vern. Great post as always.


By Lavern Merriweather:

Lately it seems that there is a serious amount of animosity between black men and black women. Don’t get me wrong; we as a people, like every other group, have our issues with gender. As much as we need and want to embrace each other, there is also the need to express our dislikes and disappointments even when we aren’t always at fault for what’s pissing the other group off.

A number of black women who have their own blogs on the internet are complaining about the multiple shootings of black men by cops. They aren’t just speaking out about how disgraceful and wrong it is but that they feel slighted when it comes to concern for black female lives also. Granted, I can understand their frustrations. However, that’s not really the fault of black males. It’s the fault of the very media that rarely gets called…

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Vern’s Venting: The Race Police

So true. Which is why I don’t believe in intersectionality or in that kumbaya junk. We are under attack.


By Lavern Merriweather:

While appearing on “Meet the Press” one Sunday to discuss Republican candidate Donald Trump’s inflammatory comments about Mexicans, Latino activist Maria Hinojosa observed that if this were any other group, those words wouldn’t be tolerated. She, of course, mentioned black folks and I could only seethe then shake my head.

Once again another stupid, selfish, arrogant person of color tries to equate the struggles of Negroes to their own all while being as insulting and offensive as possible.

Did this bitch not hear the statement made by former head of education William Bennett? Sixteen years ago Bennett remarked that the best way to reduce crime in America was for more black women to have abortions. Bennett somehow believes that the less black babies born, the better for the welfare of society. He doesn’t have any explanation for how that’s going to prevent the many mass shootings by…

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