“Would you date a white man?” – The Infamous Question

Thank you, Sis. That’s the topic mainstream media loves to obsess about. They obsess about Black womens’ opposition to IR, never mind it was Whites that are most opposed to IRs, even today. It seems to me that mainstream American media needs to stereotype Black women as being the angry, white-hating ones, while Whites are given a pass for their anti-Black hatred, including hatred of IR Black/non-Black couples while ignoring history. They want to paint themselves as “progressive” and “colorblind” whereas us Black women are being painted as “racist” toward Whites, even when we aren’t. It’s the double standards and the hypocrisy of mainstream America that irks me to no end.

Thank you for writing this important issue.

Black In Canada

ImageThe older I get the more I seem to get asked this question. The older I get the more disturbed I am about this question. The more I am asked this question, the less I actually want to answer it. Interracial dating was something that I had seen occur and be discussed but I had personally never really grappled with it until recently. Of course I had been asked this question before, but I had never really thought about what it meant – that is what it truly meant, until it was too late.

Truthfully, this question doesn’t belong to me, it never has. However, in our current society it is and always will be my question. Here’s why:

Questions like, “Would you date a white man?” “Do you get angry when you see a black man with a non-black woman?” and others surrounding interracial dating are almost exclusively asked…

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