McCrory’s Twisted World: A Hitlerite Fantasy

In both Pat McCrory’s and Phil Berger’s white supremacist/misogynistic/classist world, Latinos aren’t white and are treated badly. Neither are Middle Eastern people as evidenced from the lack of sympathy by Gov. McCrory at the Chapel Hill murders.

Racist Senator Thom Tillis of NC, like the late Sen. “No” Jesse Helms doesn’t even consider Southern and Eastern Europeans as white. Please read Tillis’ racist comments about ‘traditional American’ population of NC. That includes Hispanics/Latinos, Arab/Middle Easterners, Hindu/East Indians, Asian/Pacific Islander, Carribean, African, Armenia, Italian, Greek, Brazilian, Romanians, Portuguese, Hungarian, Russian, Jewish, Native Americans, Mixed ethnicity, Lumbees, Melugeons, Blacks, etc.

The Jesse Helms hateful legacy lives on in NC through its government and corporations/academia/police state thanks to Pat McCrory, Thom Tillis, Phil Berger, Art Pope, Bob Dumas, and Bill James.


You black men who prefer white women and we black women who you pass over

Note from BW of Brazil: It seems that a hot topic never completely disappears. It may even fade into the background for a while but it always lingers and one need only bring the topic back up and n…

Source: You black men who prefer white women and we black women who you pass over