Over at Rachel’s Tavern, she has put up a post discussing how whites bestow “honorary whiteness” upon black people,  http://www.rachelstavern.com/?p=876

She states the following:

Personally, I think there are big gender differences in whites willingness to view blacks as “honorary whites”-I think black men are much more likely to get honorary white status than black women. I have a hard time articulating why I think this in 2 sentences or less. Broadly speaking I think it is related to the double discrimination that black women face, but I think there are other reasons, which we could expand on in this discussion.”

I responded:

Black males receive it (honorary whiteness) more than black females.

Black women facing both sexism from BOTH black and white men, as well as men of other races.

Black women are looked at as less capable (sexism) because they are women, add to that the racism…

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Vern’s Venting: Whiteness Will NOT Be Mocked

Preach, Mama Vern! That essay is so right on the money. They can demonize Black men without consequence, but knives are out when any of us criticize, or joke when it comes to evil deeeds of White men.


By Lavern Merriweather:

At this year’s Cannes film festival, a French comedian named Laurent Lafitte made a disparaging comment about noted director Woody Allen. In reference to sex abuse allegations of his adopted daughter Dylan that have recently resurfaced, Lafitte made a rape joke. He even compared Allen to the other kiddie rapist director Roman Polanski.

Well, his daring, unflinching humor upset actress Blake Lively, the star of Allen’s latest movie. Blake berated Mr. Lafitte for being tasteless and said his joke was offensive.

Now, I have a whole host of reasons why I think that Blake can seriously shove it up her perfectly tone ass.

The main one is that Allen is a public figure and has been one for some time. So, he is fair game. On top of that, the guy’s behavior is just flat out weird and creepy, no matter how many people want to be his…

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The Spell of Leviathan Part 2: The Destruction of the Feminine Principal

Also, watch this video by Frances Trotman:


It began here:

And Continued with this:

Which is a degraded version of Her:

The Real Feminine Statue of Liberty:

Was discarded and shunned for:

A white, Greek, Freemasonic MAN in a dress (homosexuality in disguise)

It, the Spell of Lucifer (Leviathan), continued in our homes with the rise of Jooish-owned Pornography:

Notice that they call her, their white harlot, an all American girl

And continued, sadly, with the push for black male homosexuality:

Luciferian, black, homosexual prostitute and member of the “Yes, Massa” Club

My friend called me over the weekend. “Have you noticed that we’re being erased?”, she asked. “How so?”, I questioned. “The black women is barely shown anymore except in a degraded way. It’s like we don’t exist.”

I’ve said it many times before, Public Enemy Number One has never been the black male, it is the black female. 

This post will enrage some readers and…

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Bitter Black Males and Black Women’s Empowerment



The subject of interracial relationships is a touchy one in a racist society like the United States of Amerikkka. Most people can’t or won’t see beyond race when it comes to finding love. And some people will curse people of a particular color, sometimes their own, in order to bond with people of a different color.

It’s sorrowful, but there are some black folks that detest their own so much that they would rather be lynched than date their own people. The reasons are usually racist negative stereotypes one would normally see come from angry whites. You would’ve thought that such black people were white people in black skin they way they claim how black men and/or black women are no damn good!

Please get comfortable, because this is going to take some time.

Bitter Black Males

You probably know at least one, or you mostly see them, hear them or hear…

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