Why Rep. Duffy’s views on Black women’s reproductive rights is problematic?


I was frequenting an Black feminist group on Facebook when I came across an article. From looking at the title of the article, I knew the topic of the article would be about some negative assumption about Black women. As I clicked on the article, I, immediately, read it. Needless to say, I was disgusted to read about Wisconsin state senator Sean Duffy’s racist and misogynistic comments on how Black women aborting their children had something to do with BlackLivesMatter movement. As I did my research, the more I realized that Senator Sean Duffy’s comments were not only wrong but problematic to the cause of Black women’s reproductive rights in this country.

Like many people in the rightwing, Conservative circles, Senator Duffy believes that Black people are inherently less intelligent, less hard working and more violent than their White counterparts. His comments reflect the belief that Black people are somehow…

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