Vern’s Venting: Whiteness Will NOT Be Mocked

Preach, Mama Vern! That essay is so right on the money. They can demonize Black men without consequence, but knives are out when any of us criticize, or joke when it comes to evil deeeds of White men.


By Lavern Merriweather:

At this year’s Cannes film festival, a French comedian named Laurent Lafitte made a disparaging comment about noted director Woody Allen. In reference to sex abuse allegations of his adopted daughter Dylan that have recently resurfaced, Lafitte made a rape joke. He even compared Allen to the other kiddie rapist director Roman Polanski.

Well, his daring, unflinching humor upset actress Blake Lively, the star of Allen’s latest movie. Blake berated Mr. Lafitte for being tasteless and said his joke was offensive.

Now, I have a whole host of reasons why I think that Blake can seriously shove it up her perfectly tone ass.

The main one is that Allen is a public figure and has been one for some time. So, he is fair game. On top of that, the guy’s behavior is just flat out weird and creepy, no matter how many people want to be his…

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