Vern’s Venting: Convenient Outrage

Ain’t it sad.



By Lavern Merriweather

I can’t even begin to tell you how many times I have gotten into arguments with people on YouTube and elsewhere on the web about crime statistics. Many white folks love to whine and complain that it’s us black folks who commit more crime, because we have an overwhelming conviction rate. When I politely remind them that the race of the people who are judges, lawyers and juries has a lot to do with that, I either get crickets or a defensive attitude.

The picture up top is of a loser named Brock Allen Turner. Turner, an all-American jock, raped a girl recently at a party on the grounds of his college Stanford University. The girl was said to be drunk and unconscious giving Turner free access to have his way with her. If not for the heroic acts of two Swedish foreign exchange students, Turner would…

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