Joseph Kahahawai

Evil travesty of justice that fueled the need for statehood so that future injustices won’t happen. RIP Joseph Kahahawai.


joe-kahahawaiJoseph Kahahawai, Jr (1909-1932), a Native Hawaiian American boxer, was accused of raping Thalia Massie, a White woman. He was shot dead in what the White press called an honour killing. The Massie Affair was huge news across the US in 1932.

On the night of Saturday September 12th 1931 in Honolulu, Hawaii, Thalia Massie told police she had been raped by four or five men. It was clear that someone had beat her up. But since it was pitch dark and she was drunk, she did not know what the men looked like. The only thing she could remember about their car was a flapping top.

Meanwhile, Kahahawai and four of his friends were out drinking and nearly got into a car accident. In the argument that followed Kahahawai slapped a Hawaiian woman, who then called the police. Their car had no flapping top.

After Kahahawai’s…

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