“Maybe Wesley Morris could do a brief follow-up piece (or a bit of performance art?) on the subject of all the comments so far to his article. They make his point, and miss his point, in a way that is tragic because they simply do not hear. Or seem afraid. I’m sure part of it is simply inability to see/contemplate the human body in general, but much of it also has to do with refusing to accept or look head-on at how racism still shapes our culture, decades after abolition and the civil rights movement. They want this racism, and the intimate way it threads through our culture, to remain unspeakable. Triply ironic since, due to the fact that the slavery was so closely tied to rape, black and white Americans are not just fellow citizens but also biologically family, kin — we are deeply related.”- CS

Also from I Am America:

“There are some, even within the pop culture firmament, who are not perplexed by/afraid of the black penis. Black women know it from sonograms, from infancy and childhood, to fully endowed adulthood, at its most tender and at its most hostile. It’s understandable yet disappointing that the perspective of some of those who are most supportive of black male sexuality is absent from this essay. Moreover, the author alludes to it, but it bears reinforcing that the most destructive, yet paradoxically productive male organ in the history of this country has been white. Women in my family were taught to fear white men as predators based upon empirical evidence.”


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