Something New

This is a brilliant post.


“Something New” (2006) is a Hollywood film starring Sanaa Lathan and Simon Baker about a black woman, Kenya McQueen, who has a love affair with a white man, Brian Kelly. Alfre Woodard plays her mother; Blair Underwood appears as the Ideal Black Man.

I started watching it but fell asleep. It was not believable:

  1. She is a high-powered accountant, he is a landscaper.
  2. There is no chemistry: they do not seem like they are in love – or even in like. In fact, there seems to be a certain coldness and distance between them.

The other day I watched it all the way through. I was right about the lack of chemistry, but his being a landscaper, I now see, was necessary for the story.

“The Princess and the Commoner” might be a better name: she is from black high society and falls in love with an ordinary man…

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