‘I prefer that the blonde serve me’, says customer to black attendant in a restaurant – Are you sure we’re all still equal in Brazil?


Black Women of Brazil

‘Prefiro que a loira me atenda_, diz cliente a atendente negra em restaurante

Note from BW of Brazil: Another day, another example of why Brazilians are not “all equal”. It’s just funny that perhaps millions of people around the world wouldn’t assume that such blatant, open displays of racist sentiments occur in a place like Brazil. Well, how much more evidence is necessary? And for all of those Brazilians who continue to insist that “somos todos iguais” (we are all equal), I would LOVE to know why someone would refuse the service of a black woman in a restaurant and prefer to be waited on by a blond, I mean, if you, in fact, DO believe that we are all equal? As bad as the blatant prejudice in this case was, that’s not even the worst part. That lies in the fact that the victim of discrimination didn’t seem to realize that had been discriminated against and didn’t want to take any action!

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Some Idiot Wrote This

Don Reynolds wrote:

“Such a surprise. Once colleges and universities started down this road, they find that it never ends anywhere. In the bad old days, segregated housing on campus was a definite No-No. The first crack in that wall was “Athletic Dorms”, which were originally intended to separate the semi-professional sports pets from actual students…..later these became All-Negro Rape Crisis Centers for white co-eds.
North Carolina is an unusual state in many ways. Being from Wilmington, I am allowed to say that. Unlike many states, North Carolina does not have two races, but three……black, white, and red. Now with the Hispanic invasion, North Carolina can claim to have a fourth…..brown. Since, half of the Hispanics quit school before they graduate high school, the Hispanic dorm will probably come later.
Like I said, there is no end to housing segregation. First, by race and gender. Next they will demand separate housing for homosexuals and cross dressers. Are Nerds a separate ethnic group? Chinese students are numerous enough these days. Plenty of Rednecks in North Carolina too. Perhaps, the few serious white students will rate their own housing, separate and apart from the pets.”

What an idiot!