Deadbeat Dad Series: Prince Albert of Monaco


On the left side, that’s Alexandre Coste and his mother Nicole Coste

Middle:  Prince Albert and his wife, Charlene

Top right:  Prince Albert’s children Jazmin Grace and Alexandre

Bottom right:  Alexandre and Nicole Coste

For years, Prince Albert of Monaco denied he fathered Jazmin and Alexandre. When Tamara Rotolo gave birth to Jazmin in 1992, he denied that he was her father.  In fact,  he was sued by Jazmin’s mother back in 1997 because he was neither acknowledge nor supporting her financially.

Flash forward to 2003, the year Alexandre Coste Grimaldi was born, Albert’s father, Prince Rainier changed the constitution to decree that only the legitimate offspring of Albert or his sisters, Caroline and Stephanie, could inherit the royal title. This ensured that, should Albert die childless(which he didn’t because he had two out of wedlock kids at the time), Caroline or her children would ascend to the throne.  So Prince Rainier changed the rules to ensure that Alexandre doesn’t ascend to the throne of Monaco.

When Prince Albert finally acknowledge both Jazmin and Alexandre as his children back in 2005, they were outraged.  They were outraged at the mothers, not the Prince.  Hypocritical double standards, esp. when the race component is added.  They were especially hard on Nicole Coste, calling her all kinds of hateful, racist things under the sun.  They were less harsh on Jazmin’s mother but they were still hateful.

Regarding royal succession.  According to Wikipedia:

Out-of-wedlock children are not in the line of succession to the Monegasque throne according to Article 10 of the Constitution of Monaco, which specifies that only “direct and legitimate” descendants of Monaco’s monarch (or of the monarch’s siblings) may inherit the throne.[1] Because her mother’s divorce proceedings were not finalized by the time of Jazmin’s birth, Jazmin is legally the product of adultery and cannot be legitimated through the subsequent marriage of her biological parents.”

In 2011, “Prince” Albert married Charlene Wittstock in a lavish ceremony after five years of courtship.  Neither of his children attended the wedding.  The citizens were happy about this development now that the man has an excuse not to parent his two children.

In 2014, “Princess” Charlene gave birth to twins, boy and a girl.  Now the deadbeat prince has an excuse to exclude his children from his previous relationships.  He treated his children as if they don’t exist.

Why DOES the Prince of Monaco Refuse to See His Son?





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