Deadbeat Father Series: Kevin Federline

1251312486_kevin_federline_290x402 Smug-faced Kevin

Kevin’s oldest children with Shar Jackson, whom he didn’t marry but married Britney and his current wife whose name I don’t know at the moment.
Today,  I’m doing another post on another deadbeat dad:  Kevin Federline.  Yes, Kevin. The guy who up and left actress Shar Jackson to marry Britney Spears.  Back in 2004, he left his then-pregnant girlfriend Shar Jackson to date then-famous singer Britney Spears. During the same year, he married the singer in a private Studio City ceremony.  He gave her two kids in wedlock before divorcing her in 2006.  Britney set up a trust fund as well as a prenup to ensure that their kids get their share of her wealth.

In 2013, he and his current wife had a son and in the following year, they got married and had a girl in 2015. 

He could have taken care of his firstborn children by Ms. Jackson, but he chose neither to marry her nor being properly involved in his first two childrens’ lives. I don’t understand why so many people giving that jerk a pass for his misdeeds.   According to Shar Jackson’s 2006 interview, she said about her ex:

“My oldest daughter Cassie would come home from school in tears, everybody wanted to know, ‘Mommy why did Kevin do this? Why this? Why that? People were teasing me,’ That was the only part that just killed me,” she said.”

Shar does add, however, that she has not met their children.

“I keep my distance,” she said.

Shar Jackson’s Daughter Discusses Britney Spears-Kevin Federline Drama



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