Does black love exist?In Brazil, miscegenation and interracial love relationships are always praised; where does that leave black couples?

The same problems with depicting Black love in Brazil occurs in the U.S. as well. There’s a trend in placing Black women with nonblack, esp. White men in TV shows, movies, and ads such as the cell phone ad by Sprint. They do it to weakened Black identity.

Black Women Of Brazil

3.2 Corinthians striker João Alves de Assis Silva, aka Jô, kisses his wife Claudinha after scoring a goal against rival Palmeiras back in February

Note from BW of Brazil: It was the kiss that blew up in black Brazilian social media. Back in February, João Alves de Assis Silva, better known as simply Jô, a striker for the Corinthians futebol team in São Paulo, scored the winning goal against cross-town Palmeiras. He then climbed into the stands and planted a kiss on the lips of the woman who has remained at his side through thick and thin, his wife, Claudia Silva, a passista (Carnaval dancer) for the Rio-based Salgueiro samba school. So, what’s the big deal? He kissed his wife, I mean, isn’t that what husbands do?

Beije sua preta em praça pública 1980s campaign, “Kiss your black woman in a public square”

Well, as has been pointed out in numerous previous posts here, it seems to be a…

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