Dating A Racist Who “Owns People” In Post-Racial America

Thank you Danielle. Just because those guys date/marry Black and mixed Black women doesn’t mean that they any less racist. Donald Sterling, Strom Thurmond, Thomas Jefferson, Theodore Bilbo, Pat Dewine, Gabriel Aubry, Bill Maher, and Paul Ryan(let’s not leave him out) have said and done racist things while having relationships/raping Black women. That’s racialized sexism, people.



A while back when Halle Berry was fighting for custody of her daughter and accusing her ex of being a racist, I wrote a post for Loop21 about what it was like for one black woman to date a racist. I’d link to this story, but Loop21 took a turn for the non-existent, and so did their archives (but you can still take a peak at my old post via the Internet’s Wayback Machine). But I thought of this story as things unfolded with Los Angeles Clippers owner Donald Sterling and his mixed race mistress.

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