More Markonnen Wedding Pictures

A picture is worth a thousand words.  Here are a few of the Markonnen wedding pictures for your enjoyment:



The Royal Wedding Media Forgot


The Makonnen Royal Wedding

While all the hype being surrounded by the Meghan Markle/Prince Harry upcoming wedding, the Makonnen wedding was barely covered in media.  The Ethiopian prince, Joel Makonnen married  Ariana Austin on September 9th.   

Here’s the NYT article on the royal wedding:


A masculine status: The social obligation of the Brazilian man to show off a white wife with whom to start a family

It’s true in America as well. Same ideology, same racism.

Black Women Of Brazil

A Obrigação Social do Homem Brasileiro de Ostentar um Esposa Branca

Note from BW of Brazil: In reality, this really isn’t too hard to pick up on. If one were to hang out with enough Brazilian men and pay close attention, you might note there seems to be a sort of unspoken agreement on the premium placed upon white women. You can see it in the reactions that men, specifically black men, have when the topic is a blond woman. I say specifically black men because it is expected that white men would have this adoration for the woman that looks like him and that can give him a child that looks like him. On the other hand, it’s almost embarrassing to see how many black men seem to slobber on themselves over white women and the manner in which it seems they will trample over black women to have access to a white woman. 

A few years back, I…

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