Yep, I placed former North Carolina Governor Pat McCrory right up with that racist rapist Oklahoma City policeman Daniel Holtzclaw.
Former North Carolina governor and radio agitator, Pat McCrory is at it again.  This time targeting Black Charlotteans in yesterday’s radio rant regarding Tuesday’s election in NC.
I cannot stand that bigot, that same racist bigot who brought NC the worst voter suppression in American history as well as the unpopular HB2, the so-called bathroom bill which requires gender essentialism and very transphobic.
He’s been a racist for a long time.  Now that he’s no longer governor, he can say whatever he wants towards Blacks and people of Color without consequence.

Oh, I forgot, he’s rabidly anti immigrant as well.  He also ranted against “illegal immigration” in his rant against Black power on his podcast.  He want to be Rush Limbaugh so bad that he would divide people along race/class/ethnic lines.

People are pushing back against his bigotry against Blacks:

Ray Shawn McKinnon

on Thursday

Oddly I don’t recall FORMER Governor McCrory complaining about diversity in Charlotte when the homogenous group were white men. Amazing that once POC and women begin to lead the city and county we have questions.
Also though… Where is the diversity concerns in the other Mecklenburg municipalities?
These are dog whistles, sir but many of our ears are in tune to the frequency of the once veiled bigotry and fear conjuring…

Here’s the radio podcast of his racist rant:

More bigotry spewed from his mouth:


220px-pat_mccrory_in_2014 Take a Look at his reptilian, racist face!

This is a “man” who supported voter supression, refused to let governments take down racist monuments, who was indifferent to police brutality of People of Color, hate crimes against ethnic and racial minorities in his state.  He also supported policies that hurt the poor and working class.  In a word, he doesn’t care about the people at all.

In both Pat McCrory’s and Phil Berger’s white supremacist/misogynistic/classist world, Latinos aren’t white and are treated badly. Neither are Middle Eastern people as evidenced from the lack of sympathy by Gov. McCrory at the Chapel Hill murders.

Racist Senator Thom Tillis of NC, like the late Sen. “No” Jesse Helms doesn’t even consider Southern and Eastern Europeans as white. Please read Tillis’ racist comments about ‘traditional American’ population of NC. He consider groups “nontraditional”, that means  Hispanics/Latin@s, Arabs/Middle Easterners/Muslims, Hindu/East Indians, Asian/Pacific Islander, Carribean, African, Armenia, Italian, Greek, Brazilian, Romanians, Portuguese, Hungarian, Russian, Jewish, Native Americans, Mixed ethnicities(biracials/multiracials), Lumbees, Melugeons, etc.

The Jesse Helms hateful legacy lives on in NC through its government and corporations/academia/police state thanks to Pat McCrory, Thom Tillis, Phil Berger, Art Pope, Bob Dumas, and Bill James.

 Once again:


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