Why is there no sympathy for black female victims of crime?

This is a serious issue in America. Black women, Black men, and Black children have been devalued in America and still is.


Source: Prevention Lane

I got a request from reynagirl14 to write about why people, men in particular, refuse to feel for victims of violence against black women. She observes that the media doesn’t “pay attention and whenever they do pay attention, the media place racist stereotypical labels on the Black victims, and the police tend to look the other way when it comes to serial murders of Black women.”

As a black person, I understand that much of society refuses to see black folks as victims or feel sorry for them in any way. However, as a black man, I can never fully understand how it feels to be treated unfairly as a female. Therefore, I feel I have NO RIGHT to tell black women how to feel, what to think or what to say in regards to poisonous misogynoir. Yet, it doesn’t and shouldn’t excuse me from learning, and…

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