Dear Tarana Burke


Dear Tarana Burke,

I know your heart is in the right place and you want to help victims of sexual harassment.  But there are several things I need you to address to Black women:

The white men in the workplace s**ually harass black women

The white frat guys who harass and rape black women.

The Arab, Indian, Chinese, Korean shop owner harass and rape black women.

The police officers rape and harass black women.

The Mexican bodega owners harass and rape black women.

The nonblack construction workers and affluent white and asian men street harass black women on a daily basis.

The wealthy/affluent white men coming into Black neighborhoods to rape and abuse Black women as well as looking for prostitutes every day.

White and Arab landlords s**ually blackmail and rape Black women.

WS men and women raping and harassing Black women.

Serial killers of all races stalking and killing Black women on a yearly basis.

Please answer these above questions, then I’ll have a dialogue with you regarding sexual harassment and sexual violence against women.  Thank you.






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