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Representation and the Body

In chapter four, “Selling Hot Pussy”, bell hooks discusses the representation of the black female body.  She argues that their bodies were not only objectified, but attention was paid only certain parts of their bodies (62). Specifically, hooks explores the attention that was given to the “butt,” and argues that this captivation with black “butts” still continues (63). While it is seen as a sign of heightened sexuality, “the butt is talked about in ways that attempt to challenge racists assumption that suggest it is an ugly sign of inferiority, even as it remains a sexualized sign” (63).

hooks argues that all this attention paid to the butt is a good thing because, “they are not the still bodies of the female slave made to appear as mannequin. They are not a silenced body. Displayed as playful cultural nationalist resistance, they challenge assumptions that the black body, its skin color…

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