Opinion: Three mass shootings in a few days. America should do better, but it won’t

Yes. TBH, it’s the whole system of white male supremacy at the root of all violence in America and around the world 🌎. This segment of the American demographic refuse to own up to the atrocities and they blame others.

This segment doesn’t care for anyone but themselves and even that is less likely. This society is anti humanity and anti God.


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I’ve been wrapping my head about what to write in regards to the chaotic last few days in this so-called “great” nation. But I realize that I’ve been down this road before. We all have. Everytime a mass shooting happens in America, we go through the cycle of thoughts and emotions. Whoever the shooter was will spark reactions depending on what religion or race he is. We fall into a state of collective and sympathetic mourning. Politicians will “send their thoughts and prayers” to the bereaved while playing the outrage card, condemning the incident and the person or people behind them. Despite the frequency of mass shootings in this country alone, those in Washington, their backers and their supporters alike won’t do jack. They most likely will move on, and before you know it, history repeats itself in another American city or town. The number of lives…

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