Dissecting the Disrespect in the Stripper Voter PSA

This is to me disgusting and exploitative. This is what white supremacy does. To exploit, use, abuse, then discard Black peoples’ bodies and souls.


Whispers of a Womanist

I was two days younger than I am today when I saw a self-proclaimed voter PSA with black strippers twerking. One dancer even had the word “VOTE” painted on her derriere. The advertisement delineates a clear intention to arouse a twerking generation to move from the pole to the poll. Watching this base appeal to underscore the power of the ballot was like taking a bullet to the chest. The commercial betrays the contentious disregard cast onto the black canvass, but it is more than that, isn’t it?

I want to be clear to articulate that my contentions are not directed toward black strippers as a whole, though I do take issues with the black women who took part in this particular video. The most contentious issue here is the continuous social reproduction of auction block culture. Particularly, the stripper pole paired synonymously with the voter’s poll is too easily…

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