Does black love exist?In Brazil, miscegenation and interracial love relationships are always praised; where does that leave black couples?

The same problems with depicting Black love in Brazil occurs in the U.S. as well. There’s a trend in placing Black women with nonblack, esp. White men in TV shows, movies, and ads such as the cell phone ad by Sprint. They do it to weakened Black identity.

Black Women of Brazil

3.2 Corinthians striker João Alves de Assis Silva, aka Jô, kisses his wife Claudinha after scoring a goal against rival Palmeiras back in February

Note from BW of Brazil: It was the kiss that blew up in black Brazilian social media. Back in February, João Alves de Assis Silva, better known as simply Jô, a striker for the Corinthians futebol team in São Paulo, scored the winning goal against cross-town Palmeiras. He then climbed into the stands and planted a kiss on the lips of the woman who has remained at his side through thick and thin, his wife, Claudia Silva, a passista (Carnaval dancer) for the Rio-based Salgueiro samba school. So, what’s the big deal? He kissed his wife, I mean, isn’t that what husbands do?

Beije sua preta em praça pública 1980s campaign, “Kiss your black woman in a public square”

Well, as has been pointed out in numerous previous posts here, it seems to be a…

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Deadbeat Dad Series: Kyle Chrisley


In 2012,  Chloe’s mother Angela Johnson gave birth to her.  However, her former boyfriend, Kyle Christley, has been abusive to her and her child.  He’s not supporting his daughter at all.  Instead, he hides behind his alcoholicism and his recent marriage to wife, Lexi.

Kyle Christley is the son of millionaire star Todd Christley.

According to Angela Johnson, he was very abusive to her while pregnant and didn’t want Chloe.  Here’s the excerpt:

There was a time when he got mad at me and came at me with a knife while I was holding Chloe. 

‘He was talking about stabbing me, then threw a bottle of pills and hit me and Chloe right in the face with them.’

Angela also insists Kyle hid his drug use when they were together. 

‘He lies about everything,’ she says, ‘but I could tell he was jacked up because he was always just moving around.’

Johnson tells Life & Style: ‘Kyle is saying he wants Chloe, but he’s really after money.’

But Kyle, who admits he was once diagnosed as bipolar, insists he’s now ‘stable’ and ready to parent Chloe with the help of his wife of six months, Lexi.

‘She’s a mental case,’ said Kyle.

‘I don’t want any money. I want my daughter.’ 

Read more:

It’s sad but true.  Swirling is hazardous.

Deadbeat Dad Series: Christopher Carson’s Daughter(Johnny Carson’s Disowned Granddaughter)

Most people know who the late Johnny Carson was.  Very few people knew that his son, Christopher, had a biracial daughter whom he neither sees nor support her in a fatherly way.  In fact, he went out of his way to deny that he ever fathered his biracial daughter, Christal Love.

When Christopher’s girlfriend Tanena Love was pregnant, his father was outraged and urged him to give up her and her unborn child or else be disinherited in disowned.  He chose privilege over supporting his own flesh and blood.

A decade after the death of America’s favorite late night kingpin, Johnny Carson’s granddaughter is still struggling to get by in life.

Johnny left behind a $450 million estate when he died Jan. 23, 2005, from emphysema – but none of it landed in the hands of Christal, now 28. “We never disputed the situation,” Christal’s mom, Tanena Love, 63, exclusively told The National ENQUIRER.

Her lawyer claimed in a child support dispute that Christal was the product of a secret 10-year relationship Tanena had with Johnny’s son Christopher, who lived of his dad’s monthly stipend in Fort Lauderdale, Fla., while trying to become a pro golfer.
Johnny got wind of the interracial romance when Tanena was 6 months pregnant.
Livid, he ordered his son to end it or lose his cash flow. Christopher promptly abandoned his lover and their unborn child.
A Florida judge later ordered him to pay child support. While Grandpa Johnny lived the high life, at one point, Christal had to live off welfare and Medicaid.
Christal spent many heartwrenching years trying to connect with Johnny, who rejected all her holiday cards. Sadly, when Christal was 16, Tanena took her to see her dad at his home in 2003. Christopher ordered them off his property and told them to “never come back,” claimed Tanena.
Despite the hardship, Christal has matured into a “beautiful woman” who is “doing well,” her mom said. “She is going to be a doctor. She’s done four years in school and she plans on going back to get the other four years. I have funds set aside … No one has had to help us – only God. That’s all you need.

Let’s not forget the treatment the late night show “king” Johnny Carson and his deep hatred for his son’s then-girlfriend and granddaughter. He did everything in his power to break up the relationship which his coward son did. When the girl, who’s now 21, was born, Massa Carson and his coward son did their darndest to keep the tapes of his granddaughter out of the media and refused to answer the letters or cards his granddaughter sent her.

Deadbeat Father Series: Ari Nagel


Shaking my head!  This has to be the worst.  This reminds me of slavery when Black women were forced to breed children, Black and Biracial in the 1800s.  Today, it’s voluntary and there’s plenty of self-hating Black women out there seeking this pathetic, creepy man by the name of Ari Nagel.


This man gets the so-called “father of the year” by the right-wing biased New York Post.  Had he been a Black man, the media and the law would had pilloried him.  Several years ago, several Black men in Tennessee were shamed and jailed for doing the very thing the so-called professor is doing.  It screams double standards.  Why is it that when non-Black men impregnate several women, they’re called fertility doctors and sperm donors but when Black men do those things, they’re called deadbeat dads and irresponsible?  Racism and hypocrisy.

Here’s an excerpt from the NYPost:

A year after The Post revealed that CUNY math professor Ari Nagel had fathered 23 kids — some conceived the old-fashioned way, others involving sperm handoffs at public spots such as the Atlantic Center Target in downtown Brooklyn — he’s back. Nagel, 41, has donated his supersperm to even more women, resulting in four kids born since last Father’s Day. And eight other ladies, from Florida to Maryland to the Bronx, are currently pregnant because of him.

In fact, wannabe mommies from all over the globe have reached out to Nagel after seeing his story in The Post: He’s had inquiries from Turkey, Nigeria, South Africa and even China.

The Sperminator’s summer is jam-packed with trips timed to ovulation schedules. He’s flying to Israel this week to meet a woman who will have Nagel freeze his sperm at a clinic in case her first attempt at pregnancy is unsuccessful. After that, he’s off to Vietnam. “This crippled woman’s story really hit home,” he said of a 30-something left in a wheelchair after a debilitating motorcycle accident a few years ago. “She said, ‘It’s all I ever wanted.’ You just have a vibe that she’d be an amazing mom.” Plus, it will diversify his portfolio: “I don’t have an Asian baby yet.” In mid-July, a hopeful from Taiwan is flying in to New York to see if Nagel can make her dreams come true.

In every case, the women are covering the cost of the flights. But, as always, Nagel charges nothing for his sperm.

“It’s a lot of fun [traveling], actually. Of course, no one’s ovulating in Hawaii — it’s Toledo, Ohio, and Flint, Michigan,” he said, insisting he loves helping strangers.

“Creating a life and saving a life are my proudest moments. I donated my bone marrow twice and I never got to meet the recipients, I have no idea who it was,” he said. “[Fathering children] is a lot more fulfilling. It’s an honor to be chosen.”

As The Post reported last year, the Sperminator often uses public restrooms — Target, Starbucks — for procuring samples

Nagel insists there’s no shame in his game. “There’s homeless people in that Target bathroom all the time. What I’m doing is the least of their problems. You have people showering [in the sinks] there,” he said. “They should give us some free diapers for all this free press,” he said.

A week after Nagel was first profiled in The Post last Father’s Day, he admitted that his wife — with whom he lives in downtown Brooklyn and shares three children, ages 13, 6 and 3 — of 12 years was upset by the situation. Although Nagel claimed his wife, with whom he said he did not have a romantic relationship, knew of his Sperminator hobbies, an anonymous tipster told The Post she “had no idea.”

Today, Nagel won’t discuss his home life other than to say he and his “religious” wife’s arrangement hasn’t changed since last year. “She wasn’t livid” about his donations, per se, but rather about the media attention wreaking havoc on their otherwise private life.

So he took a sperm sabbatical for three months. But Nagel found he couldn’t ignore his calling. “It’s hard to say no [to the women], especially when it’s something that’s so important to them and so easy for me to give,” he said.

“If what I was doing was wrong, it wouldn’t feel right. But it feels good making someone’s dream come true. Why that’s controversial is so puzzling to me.”

If that’s not reminiscent of slave breeding and Jim-Crow paramour rights, then what is?  That man is getting a free pass for doing that.  It’s disgusting and detestable.  He should have been under the jail somewhere but because he’s a White Jewish man, he does whatever he wants to without rebuke from society, media, and law. 

Let me remind all you that he fathered at least 26 kids, mainly with Black women in NYC metro area.

He’s still married to his wife and mother of their three kids in Brooklyn.  

Here’s link:

Professor Fathers 22 Kids

Wife of Ari Nagel is “Livid”

Deadbeat Father Series: Kevin Federline

1251312486_kevin_federline_290x402 Smug-faced Kevin

Kevin’s oldest children with Shar Jackson, whom he didn’t marry but married Britney and his current wife whose name I don’t know at the moment.
Today,  I’m doing another post on another deadbeat dad:  Kevin Federline.  Yes, Kevin. The guy who up and left actress Shar Jackson to marry Britney Spears.  Back in 2004, he left his then-pregnant girlfriend Shar Jackson to date then-famous singer Britney Spears. During the same year, he married the singer in a private Studio City ceremony.  He gave her two kids in wedlock before divorcing her in 2006.  Britney set up a trust fund as well as a prenup to ensure that their kids get their share of her wealth.

In 2013, he and his current wife had a son and in the following year, they got married and had a girl in 2015. 

He could have taken care of his firstborn children by Ms. Jackson, but he chose neither to marry her nor being properly involved in his first two childrens’ lives. I don’t understand why so many people giving that jerk a pass for his misdeeds.   According to Shar Jackson’s 2006 interview, she said about her ex:

“My oldest daughter Cassie would come home from school in tears, everybody wanted to know, ‘Mommy why did Kevin do this? Why this? Why that? People were teasing me,’ That was the only part that just killed me,” she said.”

Shar does add, however, that she has not met their children.

“I keep my distance,” she said.

Shar Jackson’s Daughter Discusses Britney Spears-Kevin Federline Drama


Deadbeat Dad Series: Prince Albert of Monaco


On the left side, that’s Alexandre Coste and his mother Nicole Coste

Middle:  Prince Albert and his wife, Charlene

Top right:  Prince Albert’s children Jazmin Grace and Alexandre

Bottom right:  Alexandre and Nicole Coste

For years, Prince Albert of Monaco denied he fathered Jazmin and Alexandre. When Tamara Rotolo gave birth to Jazmin in 1992, he denied that he was her father.  In fact,  he was sued by Jazmin’s mother back in 1997 because he was neither acknowledge nor supporting her financially.

Flash forward to 2003, the year Alexandre Coste Grimaldi was born, Albert’s father, Prince Rainier changed the constitution to decree that only the legitimate offspring of Albert or his sisters, Caroline and Stephanie, could inherit the royal title. This ensured that, should Albert die childless(which he didn’t because he had two out of wedlock kids at the time), Caroline or her children would ascend to the throne.  So Prince Rainier changed the rules to ensure that Alexandre doesn’t ascend to the throne of Monaco.

When Prince Albert finally acknowledge both Jazmin and Alexandre as his children back in 2005, they were outraged.  They were outraged at the mothers, not the Prince.  Hypocritical double standards, esp. when the race component is added.  They were especially hard on Nicole Coste, calling her all kinds of hateful, racist things under the sun.  They were less harsh on Jazmin’s mother but they were still hateful.

Regarding royal succession.  According to Wikipedia:

Out-of-wedlock children are not in the line of succession to the Monegasque throne according to Article 10 of the Constitution of Monaco, which specifies that only “direct and legitimate” descendants of Monaco’s monarch (or of the monarch’s siblings) may inherit the throne.[1] Because her mother’s divorce proceedings were not finalized by the time of Jazmin’s birth, Jazmin is legally the product of adultery and cannot be legitimated through the subsequent marriage of her biological parents.”

In 2011, “Prince” Albert married Charlene Wittstock in a lavish ceremony after five years of courtship.  Neither of his children attended the wedding.  The citizens were happy about this development now that the man has an excuse not to parent his two children.

In 2014, “Princess” Charlene gave birth to twins, boy and a girl.  Now the deadbeat prince has an excuse to exclude his children from his previous relationships.  He treated his children as if they don’t exist.

Why DOES the Prince of Monaco Refuse to See His Son?




World’s Deadbeat Father Series




Starting today, I’m doing a series on the least talked about deadbeat father:  White men and their  abandoned multiracial children.  The media loves to talk about Black fathers and their supposed failings while ignoring other groups of men who are even more guilty of the same thing they accused Black men of doing.  Ari Nagel, Strom Thurmond, Prince Albert of Monaco, among many others.  Let’s discuss the other side instead of burying it under the sand and letting it fester to a serious problem.

White girl on Instagram inadvertently admits that the major harassment she receives for dating Asian men – comes ironically from Asian women; why?

This is an eye opener!

An aggregate website devoted to exploring the darker, sociological implications of the world's greatest imbalance of interracial and intercultural relationships.

Why do Asian women – who have notoriously high out marriage rates – harass white women (and in some cases, black and Latina women) for dating Asian men? provides an answer – something that was drawn up through popular consensus and discussion on /r/hapas, which as of July, 2017, achieved roughly 27 million views over a period of three years.

  • The Asian woman is heavily dependent on yellow fever to maintain a flimsy, low-effort relationship where she serves as a replacement for a racist white man who could not meet white women’s standards, who oftentimes blame feminism for why they are autistic, racist, or unpleasant to be around. Asian women are targeted specifically by white racist losers; they know this, and so they call it “yellow fever.”

  • Given that the white man knows he could not meet white women’s standards, he gets furious on seeing an Asian male –…

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The history of interracial sex:

The history of interracial sex: It’s much more than just rape or romance.

Carina Ray

When South African comedian Trevor Noah takes over as host of “The Daily Show” on Monday night, he’ll probably introduce his new audience to his family biography. Born in Johannesburg to a black South African mother and a white Swiss German father in 1984, when apartheid was still firmly in place and interracial marriage was illegal, Noah made his parents’ struggles the subject of his widely acclaimed stand-up routine “Born a Crime.”

Their story represents an exception to one of apartheid’s harshest realities: White men sexually violated black women with impunity. But neither is it a romantic tale of racial transcendence. Noah has been frank about how his Xhosa mother paid the greater price for her relationship with a white man. Not only did she face social stigma and arrest, she was also left to raise Noah alone when his father exercised his white male privilege and left South Africa.

In my academic research, I grapple with stories like the one Noah tells, of interracial sexual relations that resist neat labels. They’re not uncommon. Yet when power dynamics are so profoundly unequal, there’s a strong incentive to deny the possibility of complexity or murkiness by falling back on binaries like rape or romance.

Take, for example, the recent controversy that erupted after the New York Times published an obituary for the iconic civil rights leader Julian Bond, in which Bond’s great-grandmother, Jane Bond, was called a “slave mistress.” We know that Jane Bond was enslaved, but as Shaun King and many other readers rightly pointed out, that very fact means she could not refuse a sexual relationship with the Kentucky farmer who owned her, a fact elided by the term “mistress.” The New York Times was right to apologize for suggesting otherwise.

Consider the polarized views that many Americans have of the nearly four-decade-long relationship between Thomas Jefferson and his bondwoman, Sally Hemings. For some, it’s a love story; for others, a lifetime of sexual slavery. Yet the details of their relationship suggest a more complicated set of familial, financial and affective ties than either scenario allows.

The same could be said for Richard Mentor Johnson, vice president to Martin Van Buren, and his slave Julia Chinn. For two decades the couple lived openly as common-law husband and wife, jointly raising their daughters in a life of privilege. During Johnson’s long absences in Washington, Chinn presided over the affairs of his Kentucky estate. After she died in 1833, Johnson cast his eyes on one of Chinn’s enslaved nieces, who reportedly rebuffed his advances, leading him to sell her. Was Johnson a caring husband and father or a predatory and ruthless slave owner? Perhaps he was both.

Historians rightly worry that by portraying women like Hemings and Chinn as partners of the men who owned them, we risk obscuring the obscene degree to which enslaved women could not exercise control over their own sexuality. We also fear that apologists will tout such examples as proof that rape wasn’t endemic to slavery. Despite more than two decades of black feminist scholarship that has proved otherwise, the refrain “slavery wasn’t so bad after all” persists.

But women who were able to strategically confront the violent sexual economy of slavery were not lesser victims because of it. Their distinctive wounds merit our consideration too.

What did an enslaved woman feel when she acquiesced to her owner’s sexual demands in the hope that the loss of her dignity might someday gain her a measure of comfort and her children’s freedom, if not her own? What kind of trauma did famed abolitionist Harriet Jacobs experience as a young woman when she “gave” herself to an older white man of her choosing to stave off her owner’s sexual predations?

While the master-slave dynamic stands apart because of its gross inequality, we should take a similarly subtle approach to interracial relationships under Jim Crow in the United States, apartheid in South Africa and elsewhere.

Long before he became a prominent Dixiecrat, Strom Thurmond impregnated his family’s 16-year-old black maid, Carrie Butler, under circumstances that both he and Butler took to their graves. It’s difficult to fathom what consent could have looked like, but neither do the scant details of their encounter confirm coercion. He was a segregationist whose flawed but enduring relationship with his biracial daughter was more of an open secret than a well-kept one. No simple label can account for that.

Whether in the United States or in Noah’s South Africa, we need to find ways to communicate the unsettling history of interracial sex that aren’t so black and white.

Carina Ray is associate professor of African and Afro-American Studies at Brandeis University and the author of “Crossing the Color Line: Race, Sex, and the Contested Politics of Colonialism in Ghana.”