Deadbeat Dad Series: Kyle Chrisley


In 2012,  Chloe’s mother Angela Johnson gave birth to her.  However, her former boyfriend, Kyle Christley, has been abusive to her and her child.  He’s not supporting his daughter at all.  Instead, he hides behind his alcoholicism and his recent marriage to wife, Lexi.

Kyle Christley is the son of millionaire star Todd Christley.

According to Angela Johnson, he was very abusive to her while pregnant and didn’t want Chloe.  Here’s the excerpt:

There was a time when he got mad at me and came at me with a knife while I was holding Chloe. 

‘He was talking about stabbing me, then threw a bottle of pills and hit me and Chloe right in the face with them.’

Angela also insists Kyle hid his drug use when they were together. 

‘He lies about everything,’ she says, ‘but I could tell he was jacked up because he was always just moving around.’

Johnson tells Life & Style: ‘Kyle is saying he wants Chloe, but he’s really after money.’

But Kyle, who admits he was once diagnosed as bipolar, insists he’s now ‘stable’ and ready to parent Chloe with the help of his wife of six months, Lexi.

‘She’s a mental case,’ said Kyle.

‘I don’t want any money. I want my daughter.’ 

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It’s sad but true.  Swirling is hazardous.

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