Jason Pope The Predator Just Like Daniel Holtzclaw, Only Worse

Jason Pope

That race soldier, the so called DJ Pope who went around destroying at least 700 Black women and girls and got away with it via law enforcement and an indifferent media and White supremacist society.  He’s just like Daniel Holtzclaw, Only worse.

Where are the intersectionalists, and swirlers discussing this sad and sordid state of affairs? Where’s the National Organization of Women, Me Too, Times Up, Tarana Burke? Where’s the Derogatis guy who claimed that nobody care for Black women? Where are they? All I see and watched is Black men talking about this sordid creep that is “DJ” Pope and how he got away with infecting Black women without police arresting him. He got the complexion for protection. All I ever hear is R. Kelly this, R. Kelly that. Then Bill Cosby. But never nonblack men who do dirt and get away with it.

From /r/The_Donald: “All my Trump supporting friends have Asian girlfriends, wives, or kids, including me. When we get together we talk about how slutty and brainwashed most white women are. It’s kinda weird, but true.”

True. It’s disgusting.

"I'm not racist, my wife is Asian!" What will happen when racist, anti-social, anti-diversity, conservative, anti-feminist, anti-black, anti-asian white men marry "traditional, family oriented," status-obsessed, racist asian tiger moms who hope their children look white for privilege - and produce half asian sons who look totally asian and hear "no asian guys"? what happens when half-asian sons grow up to look "too asian," and have a white dad and asian mom who are mocking asian men, while society is unapologetically racist against asian men? an honest appraisal of self-hatred, fetishization, and psycho-sexual racism by the very worried son of a racist, black-hating, holocaust denier, Nazi-sympathizer and a racist, extremely violent, self-hating chinese woman.

Actual post.

Politics are just manifestations of sexual angst. Just go on the Nazi-revival website at 4chan.org/pol, where the explicit woman of choice is the Asian woman. (I’m not exaggerating – go at any time of day, it’s been this way for years; Stormfront and AmRen.com are filled to the brim with white nationalists with “submissive,” conservative Asian wives). You might think I’m exaggerating, but given what I went through, the mental problems of half-Asians I know – you’d probably start treating this as a legitimate issue.

According to the overwhelming majority (yes, most of them think like this) of conservative white men who blame their sexual failures on “liberalism” (we can just call this the sexual revolution, which is inherently anti-conservative), White women are feminist “sluts” who sleep with black men, while Asian men are the enemy to be mocked and humiliated as being “beneath” the worst white man…

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Pure White Womanhood Mythology

The Pure White Womanhood Mythology

“The Southern Belle”

Book, Off The Pedestal by Holly Pyne Connor

The pure White womanhood mythology was set up by a bunch of upper class men who were bent on maintaining the status quo and to keep Black men and women in line. Here’s a well-written post by my fellow blogger Abagond regarding the mythology of pure White womanhood.
The pure white woman stereotype was a picture that white Americans had in their heads about white women. It pictured them as being pure in terms of both sex and race. It was the main excuse given for Jim Crow, the laws and customs that kept down black people for a hundred years after they were freed as slaves.

Even today the stereotype lives on in a weakened form, making white Americans uncomfortable when they see a black man with a white woman.

The pure white woman determined how whites looked at blacks. If white women were pure, then black men were the threat. Thus the black brute stereotype, which saw black men as savages. And if white women were pure, then black women were not. Thus the Jezebel stereotype, which saw black women as easy and loose.
This picture of white women had such force that a black man could be killed just for being too friendly with a white woman. Thus the lynchings, where black men hung dead from trees.

At the heart of all this was the raw fear in the hearts of white men that black men would take all of “their” women – meaning the white women. They thought black men were better at pleasing women in bed. So they had to be stopped.

They were stopped in three ways:

White men kept the races apart with Jim Crow laws, laws backed up by lynchings.

White men made sure that most black men were kept poor. making them undesirable to white women as husbands.

The One Drop Rule meant that any children a white woman had by a black man would be black too.

Black men were kept from white women, but white men continued to rape black women without consequence.

So, in the name of keeping white women pure, to keep them up on that pedestal, blacks were kept down.

But white women were kept in their place too, even if it was up on a pedestal somewhere closer to the angels.

The American magazines and religious books of the 1800s told white women that to be good and pure they should leave the dirty business of running the world to their husbands. So no need to vote. They were told that making beds was much better for them than reading books, which would only fill their heads with the wrong ideas. And so on.

The Jim Crow laws came down in the 1950s and 1960s. By 1967 black men could marry white women anywhere in the country.

But even now some white people are still not comfortable seeing a black man with a white woman. White women are still held up as more beautiful than anyone and more morally upright, despite “Girls Gone Wild” and other things. And when a white woman is missing it can be on the news for days and days, while missing black women never seem to make the news for some reason.
Ah, the “allure” of the forbidden fruit!
The media, government, society, and popular culture decree the white woman as being the ultimate in human beauty, femininity, virtue and in moral superiority, ergo, they are forbidden by custom to mingle with “less desireable” elements of society and from the realms of business/politics/professions/academia/entertainment, for these things would sully what virtue upper middle/upper class white women have by virtue of their purity/femininity/moral superiority.
Black men and women are decreed as threats to the “sanctity” of “holy white womanhood”. Black women are competition to white women, i.e. the potential take their men away, while Black men could take away their “virtue”. Therefore, the white man have to protect his women from Blacks of both genders. In order to do so, segregation, formal and informal, media and cultural propaganda, discrimination, lynchings, prisons, etc. are utilized to this end.

Black men weren’t suppose to be familiar with white women on the pain of death. They weren’t suppose to look at posters of white female celebrities during Jim Crow. While thousands of Black women were violated during that period of time.
Abagond, white women, black men and black women didn’t invent the ideology of white womanhood. It’s white men who invented it in order to oppress Blacks, keep them forever subordinate, maintain inequality, and to cover up his guilt.

Opinion: Three mass shootings in a few days. America should do better, but it won’t

Yes. TBH, it’s the whole system of white male supremacy at the root of all violence in America and around the world 🌎. This segment of the American demographic refuse to own up to the atrocities and they blame others.

This segment doesn’t care for anyone but themselves and even that is less likely. This society is anti humanity and anti God.


Source: Trip Advisor

I’ve been wrapping my head about what to write in regards to the chaotic last few days in this so-called “great” nation. But I realize that I’ve been down this road before. We all have. Everytime a mass shooting happens in America, we go through the cycle of thoughts and emotions. Whoever the shooter was will spark reactions depending on what religion or race he is. We fall into a state of collective and sympathetic mourning. Politicians will “send their thoughts and prayers” to the bereaved while playing the outrage card, condemning the incident and the person or people behind them. Despite the frequency of mass shootings in this country alone, those in Washington, their backers and their supporters alike won’t do jack. They most likely will move on, and before you know it, history repeats itself in another American city or town. The number of lives…

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Mass Shooting in El Paso; Here’s What’s Reported So Far (UPDATE)

This is so evil. May the victims of El Paso and Dayton rest in peace and my prayers go out for the people of El Paso and Dayton. This WS society must go. It’s anti humanity and anti life. 😥😥


Source: Heavy

On Saturday , August 3, a suspect opened fire at a shopping complex in El Paso, Texas. As of this writing, 20 people have died (Though, the number of casualties vary among some reports) while more than a dozen are injured.

The suspect is 21 year-old Patrick Crusius (pictured above) who is reported to have called into a Wal-Mart and started to open fire indiscriminately. The news uncovered Crusius’ online footprints which has uncovered what appears to his postings in the infamous cesspool forum known as 8chan, as well as leaving his mark on other social media websites like Twitter and Facebook.

However, 8chan was of a particular interest as Crusius allegedly left a short manifesto claiming how he was inspired by the Christchurch shooter and how his attack was motivated by what he believed was a “Hispanic invasion of Texas”.

The El Paso police are currently…

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Baby Got Back

Yep. So True.

Representation and the Body

In chapter four, “Selling Hot Pussy”, bell hooks discusses the representation of the black female body.  She argues that their bodies were not only objectified, but attention was paid only certain parts of their bodies (62). Specifically, hooks explores the attention that was given to the “butt,” and argues that this captivation with black “butts” still continues (63). While it is seen as a sign of heightened sexuality, “the butt is talked about in ways that attempt to challenge racists assumption that suggest it is an ugly sign of inferiority, even as it remains a sexualized sign” (63).

hooks argues that all this attention paid to the butt is a good thing because, “they are not the still bodies of the female slave made to appear as mannequin. They are not a silenced body. Displayed as playful cultural nationalist resistance, they challenge assumptions that the black body, its skin color…

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Depression, the News & a Hiatus

I wish you well. Take care and don’t let evil people destroy your joy.


I tell people I know that I’m suffering from depression, a mental illness that elicits a feeling of persistent sadness among other symptoms that can be debilitating. But it wasn’t until a few years ago that it adapted a trigger, the news. Prior to about 2007, the news never got to me, but afterwards, it started getting me more depressed than usual. By ‘news’, I usually mean the negative kind. And the current atmosphere has been particularly distressing.

It’s common for people to get depressed after so much news consumption. The news media has been ratings-driven with a thirst for sensationalism. Crime must be the topic to guide people into a news segment. Celebrity tabloid press is bigger than ever. And political biases demand that journalism and their followers choose a side, left or right.

But at the same time, people can’t help but be drawn to negativity…

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The Relaunch of the Original Blog Post From Journal de la Reyna

Media’s Lack of Coverage and General Society’s Lack of Compassion Regarding Serial Murders of Black Women- Updates With Photos and Videos

Link:  Media’s Lack of Coverage and Society’s Lack of Compassion

Media and Society Lack of Compassion Toward Black Female Victims of Serial Killers

Top:  Tishana Culver  Bottom: Tonia Carmichael, victims of serial killer Anthony Sowell

“This thing is serious business, until we know women are safe in this community, we will be out here every year,” – Activist Kathy Wray of the Imperial Women Coalition



“We all know, if these young women had been white, the whole town would have been shut down, until it was solved.”- Commenter Mike at Abagond regarding the Henry Louis Wallace serial killings of 11 young Black women in Charlotte
“The police don’t care because these are black women… . It’s not like Lonnie killed no high-powered white folks.  We don’t mean nothing to them.  We’re black. What the @@@@. Just another @@@@@ dead.  The @@@@ should not have been out there on drugs.”
Pamela Brooks, in “Tales of the Grim Sleeper”

This year will be the 10th anniversary of the Imperial House Murders(Anthony Sowell), the 25th anniversary of Henry Louis Wallace(Taco Bell Strangler), and the 40th anniversary of the  Boston Murders.


This will be a year-long series on how mainstream media and society disregards the serial murders of Black women in America.  Eleven years ago, I wrote a blog post, Crimes Against Black Women:  Four Cases regarding the neglect of media and police coverage regarding murders of Black women by people of all races and ethnicities as well as the insensitivity of the general public.  I going to discuss the Anthony Sowell murders, along with the Grim Reaper, and of course, Henry Louis Wallace(a.k.a. Bad Henry).  There has been other serial murderers of Black women in the past and current centuries.  Such as Gary Heidnik who murdered several Black women in the Philadelphia area.  Benjamin Atkins in Detroit in 1991-1992 murders of 11 women.  East Cleveland killer Michael Madison.  Larry Bright killed eight Black women in the Peoria area back during 2004-2005.  The Gary Indiana killer back in 2012.  The still unsolved serial murder case in Rocky Mount, N.C. in 2009.  Now, the unsolved murders of Black Chicago women from 2001 to current.  But my focus will be on the five cases at hand.  The  police should have warned that a murderer in the community and to make sure community has an input in solving murders and to bring the perpetrators to justice.  How the media should have had more sensitivity to those who are marginalized.

Bad Henry: Nightmare in Charlotte amid the 1990s prosperity 
Here are some of Henry Louis Wallace victims from Bad Henry
Very beautiful young women victims of Henry Louis Wallace from 1994 USA Today’s group photo


 This Vice News documentary needs to be spread to everyone who is concerned with justice and compassion for the most marginalized groups in America.  

The invisible victims of Anthony Sowell:

The Grim Sleeper Documentary

Here are some of Chester Turner’s victims, pretty young women 

There will be at least four parts to this subject.  Because this is repeatedly ignored by the general public, society and media. Professor Cheryl L Neely of Oakland(MI) Community College discussed this lack of attention and police indifference in her debut book, You’re Dead, So What.  She discussed at length how media, law enforcement, and the general public indifference to Black female victims of homicide.  She give examples and comparison between the murder of Imette St. Guillen and Stepha Clark.  How the media and the police treatment of such women are base upon socioeconomic class and race.  

Theresa Bunn, one of 75 women murdered by unknown serial killer in Chicago.
To this day, her murder is unsolved.
Chandra Levy’s disappearance was well documented in the media in 2001.  At this
time media pundits term “Missing White Woman Syndrome” because of the intense media coverage regarding missing and murdered upper middle class White women in America.

We all know that mainstream media often saturate missing and murdered women with stories about beautiful, middle class White and Latina female victims such as Chandra Levy, Mollie Tibbitts, Nixzmary Brown, Laci Peterson, Kate Steinle, etc. There’s a label for the aforementioned victims, coined as  the “Missing Beautiful White Woman Syndrome.”  They’re also considered victims deserving of sympathy, compassion, and empathy.  Sure, the pedestalization of White American women help solidify the idea of young, beautiful White women as worthy of remembrance. They, along with lighter-skinned non black women of Color are the standard of beauty in America today.   We Americans still refer to celebrity White women as American Sweethearts who captured the hearts of Americans and others worldwide.  They’re considered as sweet, easy on the eyes, and personable.  Also, non black women and girls get the assumption of innocence regardless of circumstances.

Tonia Carmichael’s son Jonathan and his children. 

In contrast, society have very little compassion for Black women victims of crime, let alone serial killers.  As a matter of fact, Black female victims are labeled in American society and media as being “loose”, “fast”, “crackheads”, “runaways”, drug users, “sluts”,”whores”, “thots”, mentally unstable, “baby-making machines”, and “welfare queens”. Likewise, the mainstream American media and the general public tendency to label Black females as “street women”, “Chickenheads”,”prostitutes”,  “ghetto”,”junkies”, “ratchet” and so on.  For a very long time, Black women academics long contended that the controlling images of Black women(Jezebel, Mammy, Sapphire, Welfare Queen, Crackheads, etc.) are employed to stigmatize an already marginalized group of women. The jezebelstereotype especially. That stereotype justified abuse of Black women by White and Black men since slavery.  


Miss Brandi Henderson

In 2015,  Professor Kimberle Crenshaw, the creator of intersectionalist feminism, started the hashtag #sayhername to bring awareness of violence against Black women in America and around the world.  

The abuse of Black women rarely invoke outrage from the public. From unacknowledged rapes of Black women during slavery and Jim Crow, to police brutality such as the Sandra Bland case, to the discrediting of Anita Hill by Senate Judiciary Committee, to R. Kelly and his many victims.  That attitude needs to change.

Iconography of Mary and Magdalene, stereotypically depicted as the “madonna/magdalene, the duality most men and women have toward women.  Today, we use the terms good women and bad women.

Speaking of the Madonna/whore ideology. From historic times, society in general always label women as either good, chaste women, wives, mothers, nuns or they’re loose women, prostitutes, and mistresses/courtesans.  Renaissance artists reflected societal views of women through the Madonna paintings by famous artists LippiBotticelliRaphael, etc., or nude paintings such as the Venus of Urbino by Titian.  

In American society, the Madonna/whore ideology is strong, tinged with class and race components.  White and other non black women, especially East Asian women are considered the “sacred Madonna” while Black, Native American, and certain Latinas, especially the Caribbean Latinas are labeled as “bad women” deserving of their fate.  This view is far more widespread as the lack of coverage, the disparaging remarks in and out of cyberspace, and general indifference on the part of law enforcement to solve murders of Black women in America and Indigenous women in Canada. 

The Madonna/whore mythology were used in how the public reacted to murders of Black women, the Heidnik, the Larry Bright, Gary Ridgeway, the Sowell case and the Henry Louis Wallace cases in particular.

For example, the Cleveland convenience store owner showed sympathy to Anthony Sowell, whom he said in the Unseen interview that “he took out the garbage”.  That’s a blatantly hateful remark.  He saw the victims, living and dead, of Anthony Sowell as being “worthless” and “undeserving” to him. He labelled the victims as worthless drug addicted and prostitutes.

Sowell himself justified the murders by labelling the women as being less than perfect.

Miss Betty Jean Baucom 


Again using the Madonna/whore ideology in connection to the slow reaction on the part of Charlotte police in connection with the Henry Louis Wallace serial murder case, a concerned young woman  named Angala Grooms in East Charlotte stated that the police did not care because they viewed the pretty young Black female murder victims of Henry Louis Wallace:  “I feel like they wrote us all off as some fast little black girls who didn’t really matter.”

During the 1996 Wallace capital murder trial, the defense lawyers tried to taint the young womens’ reputation but the witnesses, friends, family, co-workers, colleagues, and the prosecutor vigorously countered the defense by bolstering the virtues and even saintliness of the young victims of Wallace.  The jury didn’t buy the defense and voted for the death penalty for the nine first-degree murders and rapes of young Black women.  

Dee Sumpter, Shawna Hawk’s mother and founder of Mothers of Murdered Offspring and Shawna Hawk, R.I.P.


Shawna’s Graduation Photo
Shawna Hawk

In the December 2014 issue of Vanity Fair article covering the Grim Sleeper and how law enforcement turned a blind eye to the serial murder of Black women, Franklin’s son Christopher describes meeting L.A.P.D. officers who asked if they could shake his hand, aware that he was the son of the Grim Sleeper. Broomfield was dumbstruck by the revelation. “Christopher told me his father had a lot of fans in law enforcement. Some police officers actually admired Lonnie for ‘cleaning up the streets.’ That seemed, to me, too incredible—that a serial killer could be a person who was respected within certain sections of law enforcement.” Unfortunately, those attitudes are widespread in society, seeing poor, Native American, Latina, and Black women as being of lesser value than other American women.  

Margaret Prescod, founder of the Black Coalition Fighting Back Serial Murders
Enietra Washington, the only survivor of the Grim Reaper Slayer

There’s a deeply troubling disparity in reporting the disappearance and homicides of female victims reflects racial inequality and institutionalized racism in the social structure. Oftentimes when reporting, there’s a considerable bias when it comes to Black American female murder victims.  The reporters always want probe into the backgrounds of such women, their sexual histories, criminal records, the neighborhoods where they reside, their work/education backgrounds, history of drug/alcohol addictions, and whom their associations were as if they done something wrong to cause their demise.  

Miss Valencia Michele Jumper


They were rarely described in the media as being attractive, beautiful, smart, intelligent, serious, wonderful wives, good mothers, or pretty.  Those descriptions are reserved for middle/upper class and/or famous non black victims.  With precious few exceptions, there are very few media outlets cover Black female homicide/serial murder victims with sympathy and compassion.  

Nobody’s Women by Steve Miller
Telacia Fortson
Kim Smith
Diane Turner and her children
Michelle Mason
Michelle Mason at her baptism in the Catholic Church as a child
Leshanda Long as a child
Amelda Hunter

The Cleveland victims of Anthony Sowell  received coverage and even some compassion from local newspaper journalists. Writer Steve Miller wrote a compassionate book focusing on the victims and their lives in the book, Nobody’s Women:  The Crimes and Victims of Anthony Sowell. They didn’t focus too much on the victims’ drug/alcohol addictions, criminal records, poor family lives, etc.  Instead, they discuss about their lives before circumstances took them away.  Even the Grim Sleeper victims are rehabilitated by author Christine Pilasek in her book, The Grim Sleeper:  Lost Women of South L.A.  Of course, the beautiful victims of Henry Louis Wallace.  Although they didn’t get much coverage outside of Charlotte, they were written sympathetically as well.  

Investigation Discovery’s Bad Henry.  Premiered in July 2018

Ten years ago, I wrote a blog post about violence against Black women.  I wrote this in an attempt to get America and the world to acknowledge the violence done to Black women in America. 
 So many people, lurkers, scholars, crime experts came to this website for knowledge and information.  However, I will discuss the various serial murders of Black women in full detail and to bring more awareness to the public.  Here’s the link to my old blog post:


A few years ago, Mikki Kendall, a well-known feminist author, began noticing a pattern in dead bodies that were dumped on the South Side — women who were stripped naked, stuffed in dumpsters and burned. In 2007, two women were found strangled in burning dumpsters near Washington Park. And an investigation by VICE News found four more instances of women who died in the same way over a ten year period. None of these murders were ever solved.

This will be at least ten segments regarding media and societal disregard for Black women and girls who are victims of serial murder.  They’re not in the media and the general society don’t care in the least about them unless they’re passing judgment regarding Black serial murder victims like the owner of a Cleveland convenience store featured in the 2016 documentary, Unseen.

Vanessa Gay from Unseen

Black women and girls were devalued both in life and death.   That attitude needs to change.

In the year-long series, I will be discussing at length the Anthony Sowell murders and his victims, living and dead.  How the city of Cleveland neglected impoverished Pleasant Hill neighborhood, the failings of the police, the residents, and business owners in detecting the murders and the smell of death along with it, the fallout of the Sowell case, and of course, the survivors of  Sowell.  Their voices matter as well.


In the second series, I’ll do a lengthy series on the victims of Henry Louis Wallace.  Third, the Grim Sleeper, and finally the 1979 Boston murders and how feminists and Black groups organized to bring awareness of the murders of Black women in Boston.