History is very important.


Enslaved Black Americans were not just chattel on a piece of paper.

They were human beings who led harsh and brutal lives under slavery’s bullwhip and yoke, as students in the following article learned.

As one student stated:  He recalls a time when one of the students, who had often struggled in school, looked up from a deed he’d been working on and marvelled, “I am holding someone’s life in my hands.”

Powerful words indeed.


Doing History in Buncombe County

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Each year, thousands of North Carolina students study slavery as part of the North Carolina and U.S. history curriculum. It’s not an easy topic—in fact, many educators shy away from teaching about slavery beyond the bare minimum requirements. But in Buncombe County, North Carolina, the chance discovery of a cache of slave deeds led to an opportunity for students to move beyond textbooks and…

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#NotBreakingNews asks why anti-Muslim crimes don’t get more attention



A new social media campaign called #NotBreakingNews is putting a spotlight on violent incidents where anti-Muslim bias may have played a role.

The hashtag is a response to a shooting in Chapel Hill, North Carolina, on Tuesday that left three young Muslims dead. Police there have acknowledged speculation that the killings could be a hate crime, but have not classified it as one.

The shootings have shaken the community and drawn a national outpouring of support for the victims.

Still,, the group organizing the #NotBreakingNews campaign, says the media has typically failed to cover anti-Muslim crimes.

“Due to bias, which has spiked since 9/11, the media often fails to cover these stories, making victims less likely to get the attention and justice they deserve,” the group said in a statement.

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Is it still Interracial dating when you’re mixed?

So true. Asian women have stories to tell. Tell the truth, shame the devil!


No matter where I live or whom I date, I will always be out of context.

Here’s how it all began: My mother and my maternal grandparents were born in Burma. My grandpa’s father was Chinese and my grandma’s father was British; both of their mothers were Burmese. Unlike many first generation Asian Americans, my mom’s first language was English. My paternal grandparents are first and second generation Americans of Eastern European ancestry with firmly established Jewish identities.

Because I was raised in the racially intolerant Southwest, the fact that I developed my own strong Asian American identity is somewhat of a miracle. After all, Phoenix, Arizona is home to the nation’s strictest anti-immigration policies and state university fraternities that host “dress like black people”- themed MLK celebrations. And unlike “majority-black” Washington, D.C., my current home of 14 years, nearly 70 percent of the Phoenician population self-identified as white as of the 2010 Census.

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Vern’s Venting: The Privilege of White Male Forgiveness

Vern’s brilliant analysis of white male(and female) privilege of forgiveness.



By Lavern Merriweather

The exceptional Chauncey Devega whom I adore greatly once wrote a post that Brotha reposted on this site about Colorado shooter James Holmes. My man Chauncey said – and very accurately so – that white males have the privilege of their violence being seen as uncommon. When a white male does something exceedingly and sadistically violent, they are seen as an outsider, an anomaly. James Holmes can’t possibly represent all or most white males because he is supposedly insane.

Not only do white folks in the media believe that males who look like them are incapable of brutality, they make bullshit excuses for the ones that do.

Mr. Devega also pointed out that a white male’s behavior, no matter how wrong, is still seen as the act of an individual. Whereas when it’s a Negro, he is just going along with the badness of his environment. Black…

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Lee Daniels & Danny Strong: Masters of Black Degradation

Ain’t that the truth, Kushite! Movies and TV shows that celebrate Black pathology is popular in mainstream America.

Kushite Kingdom


The above picture is director/producer Lee Daniels and Danny Strong. This “dynamic duo” is doing everything they can to vilify and destroy the image of black people. Danny Strong is a man of Jewish descent. And of course most of Hollywood is ran and controlled by Jews. So I don’t think Strong is losing any sleep about promoting negative stereotypes of black people. Strong could care less about the plight of black people. But Daniels seems more than happy to help him in his quest. I’ve seen many of Daniels films over the years. He’s directed films like Shadowboxer,The Paperboy,Precious and The Butler. Daniels also produced Monster’s ball and The Woodsman. The Woodsman starred actor Kevin Bacon. It was about a  pedophile trying to “reform”.  Sounds very inspiring right?  Many of his films seem to follow a pattern. They always seem to involve rape,incest,interracial sex,black degradation,colorism,anti-blackness and homosexuality. And many times…

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An empowered black woman bothers many people

It’s obvious that powers that be resent the empowerment of Black women everywhere.

Black Women of Brazil

Black women in rally during International Women's Day on March 8, 1988 Black women in rally during International Women’s Day on March 8, 1988.

Note from BW of Brazil: We all make use of the internet these days. This technological advancement has made life easier in numerous ways and make things that used to require putting in quite a bit of effort to accomplish as simple as typing a few words and tapping the search button. No need to get into a long dialogue on how our lives are different these days because of the convenience of the internet, but suffice it to say, for those of us old enough to remember life without it, it is a drastic change for the better in many ways even if there are certain things we don’t like about it.

This tool has been utilized to make some things much easier and accomplishing other things that may not have been have possible just 20 years…

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Does love have a standard? Does love have color? Damn straight! And in Brazil, that color is NOT black! Black women speak out…

Very sad but true. It’s just as true in North America(USA) as in South America(Brazil). Same slave mentality and ideology. Two sides of the same coin.

Black Women of Brazil

Popular futebol player Vagner Love married his girlfriend Lucilene Pires on December 20th, 2014 in Rio de Janeiro Popular futebol player Vagner Love married his girlfriend Lucilene Pires on December 20th, 2014 in Rio de Janeiro

Note from BW of Brazil: It’s a long, ongoing debate that we’ve touched upon on this blog on numerous occasions. It never fails. Black man. Famous? Educated? Money? White woman. Many black Brazilian women believe that this has in fact become the rule. Before diving into a topic that won’t be dying down anytime soon, let’s first recognize that official statistics according to the IBGE show that about 69% of marriages in Brazil feature two people of the same race. But there are several other important factors to consider beyond this data. First consider the official color categories in Brazil. Branco/white, pardo/brown or mulato, preto/black, amarelo/yellow or Asian and indígena/indigenous or Indian. 

Among whites, 74.5% marry other whites. 68.5% of browns marry each other. 65% of indigenous people marry within…

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American racial/ethnic relations are at an all-time low. SMH.


In Racially Troubled Arkansas City, Battle of the Billboards Reignites

By Don Terry on December 31, 2014 – 11:05 am

This time, there is no doubt who put up the latest racially charged billboard in Harrison, Ark., a nearly all-white city in the Ozarks that is struggling for its soul.

The Ku Klux Klan did it.

In the fall of 2013, a billboard went up on the edge of Harrison, repeating in big black letters against a yellow background the white nationalist mantra “Anti-Racist is a Code Word for Anti-White.”

The sign brought national media attention to the city and its history of racial hostility to African Americans. But no one claimed responsibility for the sign. The man who owned the billboard company declined to say who paid to lease the space.

The Harrison Community Task Force on Race Relations, which has been working mightily for 12 years…

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When Claudette refused, the officers grabbed her wrists and jerked her from her seat, sending her textbooks flying. Shouting that she had a constitutional right to sit where she chose, Claudette willed herself not to struggle. Recalled Claudette, years later. “History kept me stuck to my seat. I felt the hand of Harriet Tubman pushing down on one shoulder and Sojourner Truth pushing down on the other.”

Before Rosa Parks there was Claudette Colvin.

Born September 5, 1939, Ms. Colvin was on of four Black women ( Aurelia S. Browder, Claudette Colvin, Susie McDonald, Mary Louise Smith, and Jeanatta Reese [outside pressure convinced Ms. Reese to withdraw from the case]) who challenged the racist segregation of city buses in Alabama. On March 2, 1955, at the age of 15, while rising on a city bus in Montgomery, Alabama she refused to give up her seat to a White passenger citing …

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Dear Ms. Amanda Richter….

These people are beyond pathetic. They’re hateful and jealous of Black women.

From The Mind of Truthangel

download (57)


Ladies and gentleman, this morning while checking the post comments, I ran across this comment from a white poster.   I write a lot of topics on this blog, but there are times when a response comes from somone that is just “priceless”.  Rather than taking up more space with my reaction, I’ll just post what I wrote to her, and invite you all to respond to her as well:

“We are not “looking for a cure” we’re looking for love, and thats what makes US better than You. My bi-racial babies look better than you, better hair & skin, sorry:.( And many of these white women are in long term relationships with their black children’s father unlike you black whores who dont even know who your children’s fathers are.”

My rebuttal:

*Your comments will be published for the world to see in one minute.*

Lynching is a…

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