Promoting Interracial Love to Black Women…

It’s very ironic that mainstream media is pushing IRs on Black women, given our painful history. When we push back against it, we’re being called “racist”, or “bigoted”, blind to their own prejudices. They just project their longstanding racism/ethnocentricism onto us, scapegoating us while they believe in their arrogance and lies with ease.


From The Mind of Truthangel

Can’t believe a Black man wrote a book about this:

The system of White Supremacy is hard at work these days.  For at least the length of the Obama presidency, people have been hating on Black women. Such paternalism.  Wow!

If some of you have been paying attention, you’ll notice many social websites marketing IR dating to Black women.  Really…hhhmmm… One I found even had the audacity to advise Black women to find love in Europe

Why are people so concerned with who Black women date and marry?  I asked this question when thinking about this topic.

Racism and white supremacy has been ingrained in this society to the extent, white people still feel they have to tell us what to do.

But what about a Black woman involved with a non-Black man.  It’s her choice, right?

That’s what we tell the numerous Black males who date…

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Vern’s Venting: Divide and Conquer

Great post Vern! You go Sista!


NOTE: I admit that I had reservations about posting this article. However, Ms. Merriweather has a right to express her thoughts and opinions, and she has been very honest about what she says. So, as always, comment below.

By Lavern Merriweather:

There seems to be a growing and serious divide among black men and women. Not to say that black males and females have always gotten along, but these days it seems to be getting worse.

Many black women columnists and bloggers on the internet are expressing their disgust about the so-called Ray Rice scandal and how it is being handled by NFL commissioner Roger Goddell. While I agree that what Rice did was abhorrent, I also feel that there is a lot of fake self-serving grandstanding being used for selfish purposes. If there is one thing I can’t stand it’s a hypocrite, especially one who is very glaring obvious…

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Interracial couples

UNCC African American Feminist Theory

I have read most of what has been written by my classmates,and what their thoughts on interracial couples. Living in the south, I believe dating outside ones race is perceived as more of an abnormality than other places. Collins discussed some reasons for resentment within the African American community as women feel abandoned by men dating outside of the race. Most talk of interracial marriage concerns White females and African American males, and interracial relationships are mot often depicted in this manner. I often wondered the true reason for  Black women not being more open to interracial marriage. Collins describes resisting the temptations of men of other races as the way African American women maintain their virtue, as is vital to not be perceived as too promiscuous. The idea of White men being able to  resist sexual partners available to Black men is also stated as a factor as to…

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Why is it that you can show sex scenes in Hollywood films that involve white men with women of minority backgrounds but not men of minori…

Answer by Stephanie Baldwin:

That because despite the demographic changes and increasing tolerance of various racial/cultural/religious groups in America, the White man is still the preferable romantic choice of most women except Black women.   Hollywood wants to go back to the good old days when White men rule the world and having access to women of various backgrounds as their birthright.  Men of Color, Black and Latino men are challenging that privileges, so White male directors are falling back to the old ideology of racial conquest and entitlement mentality of having any woman.   They get upset when women, especially Black women, challenging that ideology.  They gaslight us when we do.

Why is it that you can show sex scenes in Hollywood films that involve white men with women of minority backgrounds but not men of minori…

Why Black Women Prefer To Date and Marry Black Men…

Ah, the arrogance of white supremacist media to have the audacity to tell Black women to date/marry/interact/procreate outside of the community. That’s ahistorical and it’s really about control, bottom line.

From The Mind of Truthangel

I'm so lucky...

Does this really need to be explained?

Some would think so…well, for those who are wondering, here’s why the majority of Black women prefer Black men: Black men are the only equals for Black women. A Black man was the first man. In the image of God…man was created. He was the first father. Black men are what their fathers are. All women want to marry that which mirrors them.

In my wildest dreams, I never thought there would be day when any Black person would have to qualify their reason as to why they do what should come natural to all, to love one another, fall in love, and marry.

The state of condition in this country is such that white people are now concerned that we are marrying each other–and not them. Huh? Thus, the arrogant white controlled media has seemingly created an attitude in the public’s mind…

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Miscegeny! Miscegeny! No escaping that for me!

That’s so true. Mainstream media just use multiracial people to promote a so-called color-blind ideology instead of their humanity. The media thinks that interracial relationships are a cure against racism. But America’s painful history tells us otherwise. Women of Color were raped, exploited, and abused by White men without recourse or consequence. Just go to any community of Color(Black, Latino, American Indian) and one sees various complexions and features as a result of colonialism, slavery, Jim Crow, Reservations, etc. What really gets on my nerves is that mainstream media presents interracial relationships and families as a novelty and as fetish. It’s disgusting and worse, it’s White Liberal media is exploiting this idea. With people like those, who needs Right-Wing Conservatives when Liberals are doing the same thing. Both ideologies are racist to the core. Just saying.

n j w v

Martin Schoeller. The Changing Face of America. Martin Schoeller. The Changing Face of America.

I wanted to avoid writing about the PolicyMic What Americans Will Look Like in 2050 article. Part of this is because I don’t really like the photographs. I’ve found that portraits where the photographer’s style overwhelms the photo don’t really do it for me unless I’m looking at a show which is about the photographer. There are, of course, exceptions here—e.g. I really like Avedon’s West—but in general I’ll echo Wayne Bremser and think of these kinds of photos as caricatures rather than portraits.

National Geographic is not a magazine I expect to see caricatures in. Nor is race something I enjoy seeing caricatured. It takes me into uncomfortable territory, especially when the race in question is mine.

In addition to the Martin Schoeller all-look-same effect, another part of why I wanted to stay away is because the photos…

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When Your (Brown) Body is a (White) Wonderland

According to Wikipedia on Intersectionality:

A historical example will clarify this and provide a more precise case of this application. Essentially, anti-miscegenation laws effectively suppressed the potential economic rising of black women. Many times, a marriage can be economically stabilizing for both husband and wife. However, since Black women were outlawed from marrying White men, Black women were denied access to sharing the prosperity of White male property. In essence, their biracial children were deprived of this as well. A perhaps latent consequence of this was the regulation of wealth for Black women.



This may meander.

Miley Cyrus made news this week with a carnival-like stage performance at the MTV Video Music Awards that included life-size teddy bears, flesh-colored underwear, and plenty of quivering brown buttocks. Almost immediately after the performance many black women challenged Cyrus’ appropriation of black dance (“twerking”). Many white feminists defended Cyrus’ right to be a sexual woman without being slut-shamed. Yet many others wondered why Cyrus’ sad attempt at twerking was news when the U.S. is planning military action in Syria.

I immediately thought of a summer I spent at UNC Chapel Hill. My partner at the time fancied himself a revolutionary born too late for all the good protests. At a Franklin Street pub one night we were the only black couple at a happy hour. It is one of those college places where concoctions of the bar’s finest bottom shelf liquor is served in huge fishbowls…

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Your Spouse May Be Black, But You’re Still Racist

That’s absolutely true. White America thinks they’re entitled to Black bodies without consideration or love whatsoever. It’s the racist entitlement mentality that gets under my skin to no end.

Evette Dionne

Interracial Love

My former sister-in-law is Caucasian, originating from the trenches of the low-income Russian slums. Her blonde tresses, piercing blue pupils and pale—almost tanned, but not quite—complexion signify her Whiteness when she enters the room. The pompousness of Whiteness is the looming shadow behind her slim hips. But my Black American brother sidestepped the privileges and the centuries of oppression and put a ring on it.

Their union was blissful and two children were bore from their happiness, until her Whiteness rose without warning or provocation. Purchasing a home out-of-their price range and enduring the subsequent financial turmoil was the catalyst for her arrogance. In a simple exchange between man and wife, she told my brother that the crumbs he was delivering to the kitchen table weren’t enough.

Her exact words were, “You need a better job,” as if the fortune of her White brothers and father would be bestowed on…

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That’s so true, Ann. Thank you for writing this brilliant piece. I’m reblogging your post to my new blog. Thanks a million Ann!


Isaiah Thomas. Don Imus. Snoopy Dog. Nelly Tip Drill. Russell Simmons. George Wallace. Cole Blease. Benjamin “Pitchfork” Tillman. Strom Thurmond. Orval Faubus. Eugene “Bull” Connor. Eddie Murphy. Martin Lawrence.

These are just a few of the names of “men” who have shown their hatred of black women and girls.  Since the history of race-based slavery, segregation and the reality of media and popular culture that devalues black women and girls, black women have fought a long hard battle to be given the same rights to womanhood as women of other races.

But, how can black women ever obtain respect, love, and adoration if there are people who look like “men”, walk upright like “men” but in reality are not men, so-called “men” who go out of their way to tear down and destroy black women, physically, verbally and with slanderous, libelous lies?

Gangsta rap lyrics and videos that would make a…

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