Vern’s Venting: Give a Dog a Bone

That’s the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth! Thanks Mama Vern for this timely commentary.


By Lavern Merriweather:

The next time a white person brings up black-on-black violence as a way to argue against Black Lives Matter, you are perfectly within your right to throw white-on-white violence right back in their face.

I say this, because white people have been using the brutality we sometimes inflict on each other as a deflection tactic, particularly what is happening in my hometown of Chicago, Illinois. Many white people keep repeating the media mantra of all the supposed deaths in the Windy City – one of the main ones being that of 9 year-old Tyshawn Lee. He is a little black boy that was lured by older gangbangers into an alley on the South Side, then shot in cold blood. The murder was said to be retaliation for his father’s debt to the gang leader.

I don’t know if all that is true, and I really don’t care…

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If It Was Serena and Not Maria


Tennis: French Open-S. Williams vs Sharapova

A few days ago, pro-tennis player Maria Sharapova recently announced she tested positive for drugs, meldonium to be exact. She has been suspended from international tennis for up to four years. Sponsors are pulling away their support. And the Russian sports community is up in arms over the scandal of one of their shining stars.

This has attracted considerable attention in the Western media as one of their foreign idols seems to have fallen from grace. This will probably be discussed at length in the Russian media, but that’s only speculation as I don’t know how the Russian media operates. Right now, her failing a doping test is major news in the West and around the world.

Still, Sharapova will still likely be forgiven by her fans. Her rival Serena Williams said that her admittance shows courage. She will be back playing tennis eventually. In the eyes of many, she’s still their role…

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Vern’s Venting: White People’s Priorities

Amen, Mama Vern!


By Lavern Merriweather:

Obviously, white folks love to rehash and whine about old news when it comes to the scandals of African-Americans.

All due respect to Brotha, but I have an issue with two links he posted on his website. One is by Kevin O’Keefe who is a writer for Mic and the other is from Steven Foster who is a writer for Addicting Info. Both of those websites pretend to be liberal but commit behavior that proves anything but. Then again, white folks who call themselves liberal and claim to be so down with Negroes are about as reliable as a Klan member. For the longest of times, white people who profess to be on our side have about as much empathy for us as a dead raccoon on the roadway.

O’Keefe – yet again – brought up the tiresome saga of R. Kelly. I can only imagine it’s…

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